these those


 Does your transcendental ego dance the way your normal ego does? does it work that way phenomenologically? does a  bird stare at the air? do monkeys grab feet? what is eating ?

   how does a  church bless passersby?

    Questions Mona asked while reaching for the Sartrean paradox. No one has ever heard of this word.
Nor its dog night. heart felt

   And what of the others? If  god was the immanent beast of the  small s and the little s then lovers had made distance a way of life.

Mona grappled the paradox  suffering the anguish in her body hold.

A hold was  a place in a ship where the goods were kept. So it went with she and others.

But others were the other in the mirror of reality transcending its affixed name. 

___Jill backed down the boat looking for the calm water of still styles.

But the womb felt fatal and aching she was alone. As his alone.