o this is where


              Is this  as Jill hears the panting persona? a thimble, a tumble, a thumb on the highway postcard. Rain on the  strata on the road, a side peer vision. And rumbling along to the ~ place between ~ a form  a rent riding along that road. she's heard everything  a ho ho a howdy-do the monkey lady do the watusi. A sample, a shamble and a step and what's that comma doing around your mouth? 

                           Apricot coconut the coeval ocean shaping its rusty claim this mounting fridge the wave of blue air, a cape, a pen, again then reckoning. 

                                           Caution to merit its own daze.

     Around the pavement ....     Jill  ...        ...  patter of silver . No, a pattern of glitter. Not that, glimmer. Said hum to mouth. Jill stammering her Celt. 

    Murmured to its rustling tent. out to later, back again time.