the ... characters in those book


you  toi that is,  see the schizophrenic delay begins. things get caught removed scattered
                                                         between here and there headache eyes eyes you peoples idears. idea r. I dear is .
                                       As night witch broom holds the frost to the coming tide

                                               does trusting tristan tzara meet rainer maria rilke in the sonnets to 
                    orpheus? did 
he read them writing?

rill and tata______________________________
it s the middle of her thighs

does not the trick
not hatred
the glare
of there


________________________________she left radio villemaria heading home  as the bridge wearing her heart 
down  came upon the lover hanging there

recalli ng

the night 


of her extreme pleasure



the airplaine of immanence

 Sat. slat salt that plane. air plane. fault line flat space of immance. And jill bottom loined bitter-bottom line retold rebooted the crinkly line and . Huffed her puffed house up. She's not immanent nor eminent to the something-else transcendent. But a bucket of wheat! and her hail-down self.  How can she unthink what she's thinked. In the kitchen sink. nah, not like Rachel, nor the seven dwarves of that sleeping dame. There's nothing, there aint a thing between her and its nothingness beside.

____________________La Treasure La Transcendent. A between book memory of her pirate self, alongthe driftplay of her body seized by every harbor. Her pert self, the lover.

Inside and outside of every thought, a mobius  cut connecting her purpose with hre vision  divine becoming. Not Russian nor Byesexual but a brilliant achievement along the forelane of what's thought.

  • ___________________________________________________________ On this plane she's heteorsexual to her truest miraculating and the schizz field of floweing thunder.A  woman's asssoften cheeky.Horny and ambitious? Perhaps she's a sweated harlot in the buttock of feat and defeat. To every sender that ever was.

_______________________ Now a memory from the theophantic day. A perhaps around the buzz of flower. A wasp shrinking an orchid and a byway into the Out.


No one becomes this    ~ way.

_________________________________ First  becoming you nibble her feet. then her coat, her hat stand.A stag antler to holding up the posse.
  Reckoning in this way, that, no one stands.