Saint schizlow

_____________Stamp the letter on your forehead   ~  ._______Mail here to the point of memoir .

Mona's mash-up call it that. Those days of night as evening passes its precipice. Phillip of Sardinia is that one .. an island its witch called a... broom a board an iron ...

Not irenic nor ironic she's tabled the foursquare meals of the moon. Lapping the sudden beauty of their long legged revelation. The beauty of those Berri de Montigny women. Long legged as any loon rivalling buttocks reeling in
the spin of their talking.

Mona! talk to me! saying this way that way word to word mouth breast to plated breast kept abreast by her ovaries overture     ~ 

 Mona reeling from plateau to plateau .... plato to plato relish to reel is that factotum back yet ? yet back to back its dumpy cloud form shuttles her hands . Clad in silk and dungaree, she's best a breast girl to the rest , the remainder you cunning thing!

__________________________halt to her dangerous beauties . She's sleeping with another womean. O mean of the platitude of forsaken nights and gift. By donation and pleasure's the exclusive one. To say nothing of her synonymiques     synonymous measure. Nor the doubting thomas of her restless query.

if any waiting waitress loves it's she. the one of th perpendicular hat. An d her tray and soft heels. Booted to the calvary of restive forks and plates. Caps to go gown too   ~.

_________________________________________Since she's free there's no one there to tell     ~.


Hanky Panky


"We fear the novel, waiting for the morsel , the comma. the piece of peace which makes the primary displace the only one the shiver of the teeth in the sonnet chewing chalking mouth."

Jill says to franny says to Mona says to Jacky _ three in bed tumbling bedsheets around the alarm clock  ~ . Whatother clock is there His cock resting in her mouth, she sides. She lifting his body over  .
Her  sex  womb holding waiting  him in    ~ in the within  .

"Jill : there was nothing like that when first we flowed to the libretto. Motorola of the crystal hour merged into the crushed seed of its pasture. Not so the boy's body, the pretend girls body. Werewolfs are working across the crowd, the crescent hangs titteringly on the moon . Mattering its secretary with accent and switch."

Franny knew all spaces came ___ in the a night ___, in a  day, was poetry running free backwards, Papulling toward _____________ back toward day, it was like that 'Radio Privee Philosophy' so it , yes, prize, might, power went to --- Can Orpheus speak it, Can Jill, Can Jill Deleuze author of the Antioedipus ever find her passage out of the strand?

___________________If three in one is a becoming invisible risible. She hefts, laughs his chin to breast friend partner. This way my man as the  green door opening her legs spreading and spreading a river a bank a bridge opening its awnings   ~

Listen (glisten the glass!)  and learn, our spinning jennies will have no self. 'Deep' 

in her unconscious she heard the voice of the pardoning of the bard that was the 

trickle of majesty sailed forward the tense of the snow hungered in the doorway of 

the sentence, the coffee cup  desire and the spanking of knight (he's a bad boy choice reckoning on punishment's silver spin) .  Could not anyone say these things and be prayer? Was French the language of 20th c. philosophy? Was it a detective story?

Follow the eye which trips into its heart.

Franny wondered about Paradise and loss, and wondering wondered what Mona was doing crossing the seven seas only to meet Satan nee Lucifer, and the goddess Ashtaroth, and her mullioned servants. Was Rimbaud also a sort of Satanic figure schizophrenizing himself down the byways and highways of deterritorialization?

_________________________Still a mage in rain, a body fleeting   ~ 
           ____beauty's tough squall   ~.

                                  Over the body without organs the mermaid and the princes
holding their tufted horns      ~  . No like to this spare part, its mint along the salvoes of tea   ~ Mint tea and chewing nuts   ~   . Over the side riffin' fine, her kisses her her kisses his her  ~ .