that heard a mental strained his hearing and the accolades and the alcoholic sand, the pissing waterfalling and the louvre of the black balcony and her hand around his

: this weaving the trophy desire's black bush
                                                                 And the call raved back. Call. As night
 hitched its wing. Gathering the dumb knight his hoarward wheel front backward. A compliant clomping clomping  the double faced tattered. By the double armed trim of their love    ~.



Her Métier

Balderdash and metier. Mona, that's her. Buckled to the T. The T square.

She cant remembertherecall of . ANd the sideways N in the An . It's some
primitive shape.She's on t.v. in the past. Runnelling and . This mirror
of busted cones. 'Till 3 o'clock in the morning. As the cock
grows! it crows!  Naked she'd lay as the day hearkening to the phonemes
and morphemes of the clitterclutter of her languagetalk. she was tailed
this way then the goingforward. Grasping its tenterhooks. A grasping mouth to
speak for a mile a minute. malarkey malarkey! Run with the rub of its . With the 
tilt of it. Otherwise than that she's  naked buttocks . Cock a smile she's 
round  her head glad.
    Its glowing growing inside .
Not afraid of snobs nor the F.c'errrs  recationarynationals. What's this burr in her finefoot lathered with hair. Cross the mead of her owl like cape (cusp) . Roaring with the blinking. O cahoot! O cahoot! dear  woman loves as no other. O that's the say at its missing hulk.she's worn the grape of everycoat.  Down the plateau poll she go becoming the three virtues percipiendum .  Now take any time she/s run her sword through. Her word was better than. That was its point. Not a sneaky plural insight. Nor to incite its rudder. Or shipping vowels and rules. Nor shopping for her rinse. In the highminded cirty thing to bear on it. A wonder to behold beheld . Her word with us. Gussy demay .A runaround gal of any old day.

Start gain.  Gain fore. Watch hilt.  Go 

Her métier  not her meter huffy. Her peters two around the bridge of love's gulf. A speeding bullet of love's glove. Shall the coat know? what sang language is that. Her gyspy tongue rattling the page of many. Fusing the literal and symbolic but on the plane what could be ordered grasping its symphony. To find at the place at out there in the field as it awareness. She wore roses, velvets, hair flowering, tress flowed. 

If the dumbdum that'd been her first publishhush  knew this, she' been growing over    
 the world's span readier. Reader.

A pleat along the skinny selve ,,  2011.




 Take the   canourous little throats and  short necked nightinglaes ragging out a dingy tune.... nightingale and  finch, linnets with their buzzy little bonnets and the fatuous domesticated canary the usual dawn's daily lark.
    Is  that a lark  Mona primping her hair up bushes pointing pointisettia punk style her busty mouthful hooters to brain the living right balk dead! she's    .... rumptump sexual to the butters...a. little rebel and poor... .

that melody   ~  rilled round the setting sun, lover's glimpse the laconic balcony along the back driven door

A fiche to learn the finch. Clear into space. its reverent reverberating tune    ! . Not reduddant time! fool your beaker's full to the spring lip'
s puffing.
 So hill over hill Jill hearing 'melody' as informed by 'to sing' and chanted her backside lemur to the lover. of the french cantor on the birdcage bridge heard   ~.
 If she comes from Latin it's cause she's two not one. To her becoming ever lover to the sands. of 

      her feast of breast and mouth full lipped the canticle of ripe berries  taste.

__________________ Jill had a name


                      '  a  ragged piece of paper  ...'