We're not certain ...

(Push it down) (will ya?)

Mona hovering. Cantering    ~ and the brings brought boat   ~  ringing tall flowers of the oat song, and its cherished melody.

point and click
 point n shoot  !~  Says Jill firing the emulsion to the twisted photo of herself. Does that maker her a cool per second an operator on the  fringe of calculation?


If words are a harmonious being   does that make  love (and Ivanhoe) a choice?  Being becoming and thrumming and the four drum of keeping time. Signature restoration and  what was the other thing called, named, frightened, beholden, bought, sought, reconnaissanced?


and what was


And Jill knew the wedding of love along the embankments of the revolt fiery flag unfurling
its longing cost to the people of building and love ,, their pain their god their love

and what was the wish but the flag's unkempt rising the hand too calling crying for love's

: and what was

 and it is not your job to spy 
it is your job to watch with love

and accompany the azure  hum of its trying phrase
after phrase the Pharaoh donning
her robes

democratic as the fields
of pleasure

love's leisure
not the scientific measure
of the fasces state

and those

Knowing nothing from their hearts have no glove before the hurt of those who've suffered violence first hand 


Electric knight noun and verb the rub-a-dub and not the succulent flavour
but a break then a  cause an   irruption of the human face over history's sands not
the martyr's cause but the lover's weep her wheat over the 

repeating the field of its god 
and the sand down coming 

and the rocking 

and the

( O ) this god has come to be born over
it's been over to its clover
the hip rag rap of the people coming