bud and bower

Jill: a  SchizioPhrenica wearing a collar. Is it diamond studded or Canadian like the paranoid maniacs who run the world. Fascism was built around the difference between that and which. and them that's willing to stake their lives playing such stakes. aBoolye for them! I stutter the piss guns of the flower moth. kill spiders for rent and hook monkeys for death. Call me Mona Call me true Call me one and two and a  boy like you. Like you Like you. A boy and a girl like you.

Mona's as sincere as only yugly womens can be.and become and the Huglee ones hurting the strange strong beautiful


if this

 If this's been your dictionary what has been your ? handsome twins on the two box shelf? the body felicitate her red arms clung to brown and red as the blue which deepens the sky . Paged to its knight her dawning tie. Tide to its 

Mister: Keep away from 'the' critics. As it becomes ice pattern to your . Skate skype to your sky. A lover to your blocs. Holdign her shoes, tearing her eyes, clamber her hoof. Not mare to her sullen but the 'parent portion to its. Yes, piece of , its , figure of ,, fragment to its , come along then. Remember its call bubble number to its password bitter buttocks to its funeral.

When Adelia died what did you say skirt to its/ She died as . Some might . Not the one close but them that . Stood. by parking lots? O Adelia knew her death was a mighty spoke or maybe it w a s  a sprocket. Clocked to her dying ....not the other Italian fakery to its and her his mama complex.

As for the paranoid schizo s from Romainia and the others from France
hell bound on their boring lesson .

Well dears. 
She's muck to her river sudden.
Plate to their gold.



knows none

  Of its machine Jill knows none. But nones at half dawn . No start      again              given the pauses  ,, you break you ,,

you hold it s time worn ,,

Of her eyes ,  yes, aaaand'a    placing her fingertip there , just at the hollow 
                                                                    of her lip

So Jill tends the breaking 

                            iiiff th 's awkward then its her glance across
                                                               the highway  ~

 won't forgetting

  won't forego