Since Jill ...

 if Jill has a  body what's a body . Sick, healthy or stirring what'
s the anatomy of its character ? NOn, something else as the lightening 'rod' of mind winds its ... she hears the radio buzz. Reaches to its thing. 

For every concrete rule she's 'gotta' supplementary dimension. Folded her cloak  cone and cachalot the swimming sea. As if the rum and rim of everything pretending to become holey was spared. Chaste as  night which cumbers itself .

Later she's 'run' not run' she . Okay come again please next door: Hold the cope open vent shut and reddened windows. This way the mother clasps her 

                        Mona opening her mouth letting ___  the shinty sticks to holy smokes she's cockeyed to the length and breadth of her sigh.

She ran riot  _ or if riots were demonstrationing Magnum Opus she had her fill. Helot to the ramming bazaar.  No, it's a caman held fast and hard      __ rearward   __ Lady G takes her clothes off and her daughter's diamond collar .

Smooch! its busty and raincoated not a fuzzy boned foxfur but a cat's eye in the saturnine sun.

____________________________ An idiot on the radio? A cluster fool bucking the air waves of notoriety  ~. She/s gimped her fair fat.

                       ____________________________ Along the country of the pine and oak   ~



Hussy hurrah


Shes apocopate and reprobate. Wheezed by her collar the snuffing snow. A blow and hazard to cox curl her ancient days. not any remember but a constant humming o f her tune. As chune and ring along the merry snow.

This way Jill has the heavy remembers of her hips. Swanked to burn her jaw, the melting snow of love, her love, her dog, her cat. Her mew-mew in the cow-cow. Brindled cow or whipping something and other.

As the english prose gathers its honkers down 'the long hanky of time' reproved by cupped justice and the lady's fast flock.

If ruthless hammers gather it's her specialization that's refined to its highest pitch.. Then Memoirs are hunger on the belly of grass.



 Jill's untutored machine clashes and  / comes along the median line of meridian's faint paause. O dark night of fair winding and the regular beating and rigging  the beating rigging of the riling tents and the companionable sea

Wise she wears her bandolier against the sun. its peaceful reigning  hip a sign of things to come. Sconce against
the rude feet of

If she took herself too seriously she'd be married a high hog's wench down.


Part Plateau to griff become    ~