Come and my 

and homunculi,

(So is Felix happy depressed or depressed happy? Does she hold Mona around her desire, for drapery? O Cooper saying, yes, we gotta get rid of dreams! O Stella! what dream of your body. Not stellar, or strata , but the lilliputian ramble of our molecule kiss.) THis is Jacky becoming a dirty pig! how
svelte sweet ~ .


And then                         and wizard    but first her shifting   _______________________  Find a period mouth.  The strange level and leverage . A levee. yes, she was.   ______________________    



Say Mona marries a stranger wearing gloves. White ones to be specific, does this mean she marries her? Or is she had by sex for its own sake? Vouchsafed henceforth, she
wills the past present pretending her love for a long long sake.

None've ever heard this                                                          perception.                                                                                                            Heralded by the dark knocking of wood  ~

So Mona's becomings are true   ~



this thing

______________Sow Jill her merry making along the indefinite line of love ~ and its kisses...

'Not a clandestine brook easing up in its
pain, and cancer treatments, a psychotic painting
waiting her kids broken off faucet and
laggard gifting over the sundown place
the dust in her nose, wrinkling her fur,
her shoulder hefted up wing,
of angel and
her swooning buttocks

shining the song
her sex
a word
in mouth'

Does that where its elm ringing forest ?


Over speech and figure she's always found the space.