Send these whores back to the factory! The old hag bag of plein and lune not the fiarce chopping wind of fine royces!

You old tuff dart!
_______________Talkinn of fuss and fissures you've got a fissile right up your asscrack! O sunrise of parches! and rackdomes de doom!

Someone says to him: if you wanted to work then you would have become a plumber. Jill takes him to her bohemian working class bearing this in mind. Taking it to heart, making love to his double hinded self.


methods and procedures

methods and procedures ...

break persona will characters

the left and seizure
the right and liberty

Each persuaded character is an invisible. Say Oona comes along for the 'ride.' Does she wear zooming lens for her soul? Or the line in its infinite variety a pregnant hour to restless tides and resisting the moon light?