of Jill's many fairy tales  ~

     Waited bated breath love song waiter wrestling with the demons of god, the inverse calculus of and she's forgotten the hair that remained her home remanded to birth and life ~ In this respect as respect goes she's g ood.

Not bad, but good as when a ropes winches close to the prisoner's neck, and tumbling down the crumble weed she breaks his neck. Jazz speed.

Is Love. Text you are weird. AS the trance strange blues. Of your covered up page. Vellum to its soft socks.
If this way she's got anything she's got everything.
Had nothing then
all its will. To part and desire.



Move this text over Emilie your buttocks.
Said the homosexual to his ... .

_______________________Since she's struck to stratas undefined how do M? She does it by submission love summer
in other words


Me: what is an uncle if not a father?

He was indeed my father and Angela was my mother. George Jackson. Look a t
the initials they're Genet's in reverse. J __ G __ , Like a lover a calm clandestine anagram perhaps..... you see there are connections, hidden ones at that among things you don't know...

So DG   ~ 
Doggone it!
what barcooking wind are ye?

Hooker of knight and spareribs.



: Jacky and

It doesn't have to be continuing . : Jacky and . It can be anything. A round ? embryo embroyglio ~ Along the sliptides of tognues.

Speaking in tongs! you Japanese filters!

So Jill' standing on her head 

faking love   ~
des gants indetermines   ~ ? peut-être c'est ça 

A letter begins with a god   ~


Since Jill ...

 if Jill has a  body what's a body . Sick, healthy or stirring what'
s the anatomy of its character ? NOn, something else as the lightening 'rod' of mind winds its ... she hears the radio buzz. Reaches to its thing. 

For every concrete rule she's 'gotta' supplementary dimension. Folded her cloak  cone and cachalot the swimming sea. As if the rum and rim of everything pretending to become holey was spared. Chaste as  night which cumbers itself .

Later she's 'run' not run' she . Okay come again please next door: Hold the cope open vent shut and reddened windows. This way the mother clasps her 

                        Mona opening her mouth letting ___  the shinty sticks to holy smokes she's cockeyed to the length and breadth of her sigh.

She ran riot  _ or if riots were demonstrationing Magnum Opus she had her fill. Helot to the ramming bazaar.  No, it's a caman held fast and hard      __ rearward   __ Lady G takes her clothes off and her daughter's diamond collar .

Smooch! its busty and raincoated not a fuzzy boned foxfur but a cat's eye in the saturnine sun.

____________________________ An idiot on the radio? A cluster fool bucking the air waves of notoriety  ~. She/s gimped her fair fat.

                       ____________________________ Along the country of the pine and oak   ~



Hussy hurrah


Shes apocopate and reprobate. Wheezed by her collar the snuffing snow. A blow and hazard to cox curl her ancient days. not any remember but a constant humming o f her tune. As chune and ring along the merry snow.

This way Jill has the heavy remembers of her hips. Swanked to burn her jaw, the melting snow of love, her love, her dog, her cat. Her mew-mew in the cow-cow. Brindled cow or whipping something and other.

As the english prose gathers its honkers down 'the long hanky of time' reproved by cupped justice and the lady's fast flock.

If ruthless hammers gather it's her specialization that's refined to its highest pitch.. Then Memoirs are hunger on the belly of grass.



 Jill's untutored machine clashes and  / comes along the median line of meridian's faint paause. O dark night of fair winding and the regular beating and rigging  the beating rigging of the riling tents and the companionable sea

Wise she wears her bandolier against the sun. its peaceful reigning  hip a sign of things to come. Sconce against
the rude feet of

If she took herself too seriously she'd be married a high hog's wench down.


Part Plateau to griff become    ~



if the machine works.. its because it doesnt . the period and sentence. go their Jill Jonah.A bill and might stone a hill to toward the riving tribe.
along the road a cry rung. desert .and over the hoof. it working . tongue parched hung dry across the Avian Alps. Is there such a place eagle? Her stated need come . Slow as perjury. Fretted the down wing spanning the coup the car open top down . Ruffled the plains Montana, Arizona and across the cheeks of your eyes, the Samaritan mariner. By Sussex station she kneeled weeping the man's turn. No, not that over the seconding of its station the pleated place between her nervous love  __

                                    So Jill and her memoirs, __________________clinique to her 'page' age to her suture. the atopos marrying the sestet the second page. Not a fair swing at age, but the proper balance of keep and cold. Something over these. Jill puffs. Of smoke. Harries her poaching. Rills to the eternal sound bounding. Bucking the true code, its deterritory to her ringers.

Does the expression primary repression. Totalize  the hour of her glimpse. Ass and fold. Its been Franny, and ass twinkle the caring eyes. Eyes and ass?
Arse to eyes? Marrying your christian death song .Not immanence and the gaze.

                       Come to your tablet . She's balled at Socrates. Come along toothcomb her bucksome skin.

Either is neither and her clothes. She wants his body in her mouth. She love his dark. Not quite skin as the word suggesting might but the dark of his becoming her Mummy. Not the Pharonic glimpse into past time s but the refusal of despotic amours. She's come to her. Son child.


these brains are filter


_____________Franny's continuing overtures.

Sex/me Now.__________________'Yes and then she found my voice, we cross-sexed and cross-voiced. Like seeds and bran.' This was then and that was now:

This way the cows cross. A stone's row. And crept clasped wring their hand washing dry. Of course any witch. Does the whippoorwill!

Come again you frosty devil!
sing your herringbone dry._____________________________Keep the trampoline high jugglers. Jongleurs of the forest and high ~




augmented becomings

  What happens if the diction is addition?_________________ curves roun' s'hell earphoned off to space. deteriorates the rate of going versus the pace of coming ________________ Jill's elbow's got grease off the page.

______________The body emerging from the wave of draconian darkness sidereal espace of the feather crutched face? is it a? of ess we've heard, and essence otherwise gas. cut the ear from half  

the proportionate bulk of decimal becoming  ~ shes uglier than a hen in sin her partridge wing sunk in the choked lake. And the head byre born warped in solemn oath   ~ .



if she's finger

A paper chase to the electronic hiding face. A changling and her purse's wrapped in gold. Kimona her love's fair to winding up the puzzle. Gushing by the ruth of the breeze chartered every boat. And coat flapping over the flesh of its . Not say

and the overwhelming

and we;; have no more obsessions ____________they bore us ___________ reaching the pinpoint and bollard the boat docks and not resting for a second it lands at the lighthouse harbor. If she's finger its cause no one's lighting the can.  If purpose is defined by need, then what's love. A copy cat on the rainbow trout.


Mona's remainder

____________________Come back later for more. Said the __ to the ___ and the __________________________.


Mona's remainder is thought's linen. The headscarf and play by play crap of identity. Bor'dom she returned Janine Macintosh desiremachine hot as life itself. Against the pope's puzzle and her suds. Sister Maria buttocks rages to come again and coming her seconde. Not this way a god's decease. Her reckoning spelldown for men . and their crazy rent. Yer tired of the schizo paradigm. I'd rather live off a dime. she says pseudononmyously. thatway it catches everything and a ring.

Bambozzled by buttocks and walking but not a freudian slip nor any slip of the told tongue or the tongues of light and the jungian coverup and the salsa triip.

Thy was many amble by her rear mirror was sauntered to its cambering luck. She paired her as come on the street. Metonymy! Synodockehe! Neqw York ! you square.

Let the fatmen holiday in Gr eece while thousands languish fighting for a piece of life. Not the rulers of tourist their gambits and saws. THe torture machine pushing at the rages. Nor the double dabblers and honkytonky men the fat men round tubbed pedannts rambling their shovelykeys in the face of the dead. If you thought he was the good as Milton you oughta have done more. You frizte'd out ultra plus minus sighnn.





Further comes weather. Parrying its ... compose .... so's thing snipped her tiding waist ~ She's shipping out ... along the tall dull strata...

if nothing to say makes her successful what does it .. cliche comes to haunt the head...
what does it merit a man to lose his soul! immortal as a potted shellfish_______the punishing god hangs all your cores.. so core gotta go.... find yer baruchbrook 



nor do the geologies of damper weather

Nor do they dampen your spirit ! but heighten the bowl of winning! the afflictions of the real madness of history bloody violence losing eyes to truncheons! terrible what they did to the young people the vengeance of the state against its enemies. Any state against its enemies.

_________Mona pulled her stakes up moved to the land of between and the complimentary cool of utopian neighborness

and the rumbling river
the canyons

the still of the horizon

to hell with history and men and their ... shit ty violence

their powedrivenmadnesses




Come and my 

and homunculi,

(So is Felix happy depressed or depressed happy? Does she hold Mona around her desire, for drapery? O Cooper saying, yes, we gotta get rid of dreams! O Stella! what dream of your body. Not stellar, or strata , but the lilliputian ramble of our molecule kiss.) THis is Jacky becoming a dirty pig! how
svelte sweet ~ .


And then                         and wizard    but first her shifting   _______________________  Find a period mouth.  The strange level and leverage . A levee. yes, she was.   ______________________    



Say Mona marries a stranger wearing gloves. White ones to be specific, does this mean she marries her? Or is she had by sex for its own sake? Vouchsafed henceforth, she
wills the past present pretending her love for a long long sake.

None've ever heard this                                                          perception.                                                                                                            Heralded by the dark knocking of wood  ~

So Mona's becomings are true   ~



this thing

______________Sow Jill her merry making along the indefinite line of love ~ and its kisses...

'Not a clandestine brook easing up in its
pain, and cancer treatments, a psychotic painting
waiting her kids broken off faucet and
laggard gifting over the sundown place
the dust in her nose, wrinkling her fur,
her shoulder hefted up wing,
of angel and
her swooning buttocks

shining the song
her sex
a word
in mouth'

Does that where its elm ringing forest ?


Over speech and figure she's always found the space.



read this air and you see the horn . Ain't that the something'est thing ? Jolly Jill leans into Mona carrying her hair back to the roost. All the columns make forced marchs to the wind , and the suffering jesus of the almighty. A cape, a caul a reminder of then and now. Besides the nearest thing to the pleasing plateau is the pleasure they took between memories. Holding the forest height clambering along the steep hill, caught between desert boots and rocks. And Mona returning from the library where the great knowleges are and she sees her share. Of knowledge and fortitude. but love won't come this way. Her cock is a balance sheet between the tipping of love the glances of lust and the rusty pipers of noon.

Is there then a book between them. she's a hell raise between the sheets, tearing the festoon from the drilling and the riding. She's in the moon calf bestride love's true beat. 

Come again to London and you will see. She says.



Send these whores back to the factory! The old hag bag of plein and lune not the fiarce chopping wind of fine royces!

You old tuff dart!
_______________Talkinn of fuss and fissures you've got a fissile right up your asscrack! O sunrise of parches! and rackdomes de doom!

Someone says to him: if you wanted to work then you would have become a plumber. Jill takes him to her bohemian working class bearing this in mind. Taking it to heart, making love to his double hinded self.


methods and procedures

methods and procedures ...

break persona will characters

the left and seizure
the right and liberty

Each persuaded character is an invisible. Say Oona comes along for the 'ride.' Does she wear zooming lens for her soul? Or the line in its infinite variety a pregnant hour to restless tides and resisting the moon light?



_________________________But the molecules fight. _ No need for but! butt Mona she sighs the whirling gig of her text..... back to back. finding uncover to secret paths. neural rebellion against the Molar monster and their created earthquake. escaping paths to the sky..

First they beat them to shit in themselves . then in others. turn them agains themself. this way the hate's virus infect the glue of their daily. even the smallest shits on the bottom then attack each other. knocking of f the aspect at the each plane's level. this way the stronger're kept down by the violent. Shit's their fuck .



this herd Jacky dereader

Jacky was always a friend. A finding rival to the studs and fardels what would his name ascend the deconstructing star?

The differance tale speaks the limit. Construction reconstructing its territory of fabled dinner the blind spot the ever eluded presenting of its. Homer cries the boy! Athena gray eyed goddess lint spotted on her ass: spit and shine my jewels!

the being
of being's absent ever evasive
dory clad doffed hat dodginess


de shamble
with a heart on her now there have you ears to cart
that about with you?