before the knight

before the knight was preaching and pontificating... the shoemaker had to be found forging his foot... before every knight becoming its ranging .. yes . come along you tools and bakers button your doubloons the skating's done. This way we have wish for sailors and jawbreakers for needs, hawkers for refted sounds, __
over at Jill's face the lines fret and work the creaking night dawn .


imperial roomsssssssssss

Infernal flagging . Imperial rooms. Glass of . And . and then. mouth. shut.

Times Jill says you you have have have have head barelybody n' yr eyes pop off a staring sudden lonesome Nothing sweeter than your arms legs lips than your voice calling to me . Now , and then, calling between my heart's hope the secret sexual taste of your love."


Move along your airplaning of consistency


refine the tortoise nagual


if a turtle holds the world wherefore babble longing trying crying... baby's wiper an tear frost.. vous etes la mon amour en chance de chose perdues.. vie .. c'est un grand perdue .. et les cents amis on perdue le glace..

On a commence comme des étudiants en philo et on trouve il y avait des transversalités des deux ...  d'un cote a l'autre...
l'autre cote était un train parcourue par des vitesses incroyable...  si beau...

Comme ca FelixFranny et moi on s'est trouve au bord du lac...    tending to overtime... rushing.. against the mortal reef... hour of its parking..            tender mist of  the sly syllabus...

  Et on arrive encore a des devenirs non prévue et  dans le merveilleux... de temps...
frog, newt , camera , belly button strange things! prehistoric monsterers! dangle offhercockward earrzzzzzzz.


a terrapin tortoise a poised rose




if scrogging does the thing.. then do it push it away from the Calais harbor heading

to Toulouse ... the madmen in the ship .. . the crayfish covered hull the

scrawny wharf stinking to high hello and then some low vengeance as when a ship

comes back home heading off a whore wire to the high seas and low lament of its

breathless song.... and the letter bowed out...