... in winter...SillE goose

Silly goose gorgin herself on this to write 2 when she means three: how can three beone ?: ... in winter...: "_____O the spring came in winter ."


It has something to with ? music dharma? Indian bodies roaring?


Mona's sing song signature is sure to be bound in spliced can-can knickers on this 'dirty' message~


!987 : Franny heads to Italy, she s felix to her Italian and roving 'masses.'

_________________________________ I never foretell whats Mona gonna. I always forget. I forgo. Its best. I forgo then we go along just jimdandy as if at the Woolworthy store front.


Its a foregone furnished ... lusion..
le fournis c'est tres beau, on arrive avec rien et on quitte avec toute

bisou mon amour ~.

Mon adresse c'est bis a la votre


Blown 2

Blowing her heart in. It comes round the stage, and opens its push. he carries the earth in her side. A frame reprieving Orpheus his Sapphic paydeck. Not the certain shy of the One : JIll Blowing 2|blown the trumpet . Not the stirring theft of this glass. but her lover's bob. Rum tum tum, a the farm. The warm geese bounce the rice and the mouse creature lofty as cretaceous murmurs wonders her cerulean watering.

She wan. She wanton. A diamond for her secret sexed . And came to his awnings with it.


a Bud Ant AbUnDant

Neither themes nor motif ~ abudant and rich what 're are the connecting bills and burrow? are she share her reverie ... the forms! the subjects the jecting jet of cloud .... the one, the

the one goose,

the ringing history,
the powering clang

the pane march
the noted pane
the cream pane

the whirld pan
the bird spiritual

there is no opoosing of the love bird
coot and hoot

grunted off the column round the pen

____________spiirt man woman child

at the leve of the hand marking the time
the one two
the two
the three motif
the case design
the expression

She bends to love his swooning surrender



An OVum

In the sharp current its passed her love . Not so the quaint mum. okay so its finethe way it was. Not the fragment and the rushing water. the river. the the the . the . the devenir. the ascot. o its crumbling we're coming to the arrival of the end. could itbe.? bite the feather of the

ther e was a woman


|there was a woman. rich. as . and she. cameo . it hurtled it far. . cross. ... then.. non, try. absconded in the consonant. hefted her weft to wheel||

__________________________ if its's. then. _______shimmere'd round the veil. the pronoun captured by its event. and the adjective sacrficed on the permanent sense of adventure. each page, bow, long strip of ship. and builders's know-how. comes around your beast.|

rp _ round this place. the microwritings. along her wristedhid.


Jill Hollers with all her might the narrative base

abudant and rich

______________________the woman came to love . his card was blemished and obscure. So that she could see it. Even on the telephone.

INside the ovum shes rich and care. Something to lean for. Or . the whisper of her breast. O yes, the whisper and hulky shape of things to come. and their bearing. this ontology has wreaths to fulsome furl its kindly Air is nocturnal and her ape has none of the sembalance to humans expected of resememblance or resemblance. Never mind th totem pole. and the schizo roundtree, and the capture, of the dividing territories. Inthe seventh hole, anything comes. Its tuned to us and our loves. Shes come . Of this be maroond crimson of this wooded embankment and the Oopsala of it.

You're insane!
That my dear goes without saying if we lose the beat.



nota verse_ O yes the 25th

On the 25th sliver of October she was absent. As frayed costs shipper's kept hid from their employers. The gown and hood, motor-board or cap was a chess-set
that wrangled the fair wind of warlocks. She's beast to her Abel, and Cain was thrusting biblical parries to the dust in the mud , or the dust of the midriffed wind
that was the Indu valley. And this? Well, she's not certain of volume, but one thing is velvet and that's her mirth , and her merry gogo cogito her go-go girl tarting.

So weep and laugh yer darling foolridden self, the double headed goddess has come. Rum along the thigh of her sacrifice. The supreme taste of her blood .

nota verse

nota verse

Not a verse in time spending the knight. Her calm claim to love's stupendous. The step child marries the god. The awareness dawning of rivers of blood and racing behind her eyes. Synthesis and stupefaction mime her lesson along the long river of self. And its divisions mounting well, if ontologies this, then she's that. Her lover, half way round the saw-saw see-saw world that's square as Charing Cross juncture needs her . Bliss envelopes.

This is the thing, the wending by river and salt. Her coat's caught in the cosmic winding round its aim. She's brushed the silver. If it carries him far enough, they'd meet at the boulevard and the newsstand__ Everyone knows love bears a thought better than a vein, clearer than a cloud, that's accumulated mustering harps, marooned by islands, and chattering for sweet nothings. That's love's hippy-hippy shake.



Confabulation __ ark of return. Spend of see. Real of what. Kind of chair.Sun of work. In Russia bear. In this . No, non, c'est n'est pas ça. Risk of worry, life's flute. Come again. Spare no . It's simpler that way. In the sublime desire age. works ground.

EpIStoLary Episteme_ stem

A lover letter from Jill to ___

"Boyo, you are a sexy one with your sexy lover message to me .. and went dancing ... which is morning listening strange music and it is too bloody bad you are not here, or I am not there, or we are where we are and ...guess the gods have decreed it that way
but I imagine arms lips and me inside you."_____________ Mona snacks on this crap. Love-gue. Hardly philosophical for someone who owes so much money. The loot's in the boot honey, and you got none. O St. Peter she's owes her soul to the company pimp. A LadY Madonna type, 23 yrs after.

_____________________________ Inebriation my dear flunky is a contrary habit bubbling aCroSs the path of most resistance. Them that continue maintain the occult. Notoriety is a court that leaves the judges outside on their arses.

O my honey, you live inside a shoe. Desperate as any shoe buffing polisher!
Who're you tryin to see off with that tall story?

Mona's hanky's thick with tears. Her ass's in gear shaped like a fuckacup and she's readying herselves for another painted night as the old motherwhore herself. Sloop titted as she goes! the ancient hag of days!
A Briton at that, a tathagate with a mouth like elastic, a tongue like a bat, nipping away at coded customers cocks.

_________________________Please: Okay it was Plateau not Plato 1998. Shes' the psychoanalyst of borderlines their heavy correspondence is a lover's bait. She's huvva-huvva and pure as the driven rain, if that's possible. I mean think of these analyst whores, never paying their poor over-worked excessively producing analysands!


Your fucking pleasure's always going to be interrupted.

She signs off: there goes the messenger, Merciful Mercury the winged footer himself. Giant grabber and buster.


__________________ Sobriety

Saying sobriety is a habit.Anti thought of sober sobriety, its beingness crossing the kitchen sink its near the call of habit and the regular. O yes, them regulative principles... ssssyess...not the principals of high school,or the mess of clean school yards.

The year passed its day a breath zooming space of repetition petition of love's prayer. Along the stair. Obtaining and retaining... but if habit is the dog, the deadening force, then , then. she stop death in, in? track? come agin wld ye?

He wrote to saying it's the dog returns to its vomit. In nowhere and its here now. what now is here its nonce played adjacent to sunlight. In the other room beside the room
contiguous. We walk in she's there , through the hole-door. Ec'pressed into the love of her smile.

O that engagement ring!

Jill's comment: now that is what I call
parting that don't match.

She's kidding and 'throws' the stick over the mirror.


O my scheduled Prince

O my scheduled prince . A pause a long breath.A medial caesura . Then a remedial compose? She will comfort the ray. As it cause night breath

We can't afford to be striated in our work. Two star striking strata face each other. The belts the gear box_________ the plane ______________Mona's skirt hooped between ___________________________________________


call it nape of knight

Call it nape of night.

In the schizo parlour. The parlance. Balance. switch the phase. its nothing not there

(inevitable tide of degrees)
or production ____________ it kicks around . summons renew.
its mouth rocking round the elbow.

on river and quill

Jill lives on river and bend between citations, invisible ledgering and administering love.
Mismatch suggest to choired flirt she . O come there more. Evermore. Her club's a suit and tie. And rings worn close to the collar of her buxom half breast. Mona preferring the late night to the morning tide ripples her tie with candied soft maroon she's always early evening out flanking Jill's tardy platoons. If love's a key to stormy windows and mild mannered winter _ well pleasure won't be the game tracing their spoons, nor satire's best haunt, its plaint aftermath to its serried pleasures. Philosophizing's not quite serious when its these two get going __ Mona doing cartwheels, Jill pasting a stamp in her decorative album . Rampaging in their nylons huddling their hopes, carmined lips and sexy assed grabbing ballocky monks balls. She'd smack the lip of any Pierre Abelard sentencing his crotch to forever fucking blossom. Pierred and pier'd and prayed old palette peter loved Heloise . Like any cookie would. Sucking and frying the good meat of love. Imbus infantium! O Abelard & lardy Heloise lady saving the unbaptized infants .. against the the rolling river of High scholastic Catholicism… this way the doctor of Paris won the day, ranking love above hate . The sentences! sentenced! O story of misfortunes Historia calamitatum (The story of my misfortunes),

And this is love's butter in the castle. The butler, Butler, appears. Take a quick bow, shimmies out of the door, and is gone.

Her drawbridge down, in go the damp troupe.

Still in the woods far as this goes, and us too still in the village. Pillage o my merries is not as fun as it seems.



yr spoon. the sun crack'd her head.over the. heel the. rain. then. the . then a__________worm stealing the book: gormless, and we're going horme. O yes, the accent is all but the hurtled pillar of doubt.

were the personae like this: little schizeno, Mona, Jill, Jack, Franny-Fanny, Oona. The the other hinted, alluded at, hyperblogtexted: a sense in voice and radiant raiment of their 'characters' by figure and foreground.

As a dictionary might graft it:

Fugacious is derived from Latin fugax, fugac-, "ready to flee, flying; hence, fleeting, transitory," from fugere, "to flee, to take flight." Other words derived from the same root include fugitive, one who flees, especially from the law; refuge, a place to which to flee back (re-, "back"), and hence to safety; and fugue, literally a musical "flight."
___________________So the dance out of the camps of repressive distant. And resumed to its dance of power and beauty.

So Jill is on the lam. Her gulag fuge to run, and flee her fat flung flings!


Please introduce ....

Please dear introduce little schizoreno. And her gang of dumblings.

________________________________________ after calm water Po

_______________________ is that Li Po looking down the drawbridge? Moonlight over the edge an alliteration tingles in the water's spear. 1999 We drove over the Great Wall. She married the sun, and empires unbuilt their thrusting tiara. And those others in red the hats the knotted warrior. Whoah a sword word. Come bucking along the mountain, and gasped the abyssm

She was fast master of love's hurly burly. Trailing a jigsaw with her affair everywhere she hurt, but butting nothing she hurted to live. Its coven of moment and rhymed its parried throng.


Entering duration Jill finding feet. hefting the lengthy ruin, an apple in the street, a caring womb in the dusted yard.... was that a tree you sung about...a god stood chapping her hands in the falling rain... the falling rain what a whore figure that is... come agin' then milady we'll steel our cream burying our roots by binary dogs

Midlady it is Oona Jack and Jill caring for the veil. A bunch of apocalyptic suitors ... pinching qualifiers with the juju junk they buy....

Some call it moulding. Others the blanket of time.
Now a ring matching the fate of two weens
merging their folks the anthropomorphic god dont like that..

I've heeled myself in burrowing catching panes as they fall, rifting windows in the saw. In seeing she says its width that counts and like that its all good,
and like the other knows behind the two there's one and two three four five six
_______________ Then What!

then love's mighty boogie-woogie


Now how's that for prose in any old style. A voice witching its become and becoming.

The rope pulls up the splintered piece-meal. Its fragmented copes darned to her healing socks.


what is a disease?

What is a disease__ Mona pensive . Hurried out the steps.

Carried on the wings. the seasons breath’s come.

O come ye knight of the back rub and the drum dubdub the long

haired lady and her entourage for love’s peer.

He stood saying do you think this is where you live. Chessplayer

piper man liver woman catdog ring worm solo artist second

story woman come to my bid

In this realm a history’s love marches the street_Mona hold your horses!

a galloping horse lifting its hind paw Round the corner___ Jill share your wealth ___

a parade of recorders softens your blow love’s misery ___ Franny misery doesn’t love company is not comely does not want


can’t be blamed for the knickerbockers ways of women__ Fanny’s reward rearward look keeps’em on their toes hither and you too buster ____ strike while the iron’s hot gulp that tea while

it’s scalding .

Yer brains are fortuitous gifts cling them to the love you seek.

Mona’s huffs what signpost is that guv? and her brogue’s

a Derry beat on the old song. love’s flippant pill.

Googa goo

Arriving homebound off with her knickers traces of love’s

cigarette gone she’s willed herself to abandon the keep. And the deep blue of the ‘la belle mer’ our hoary eyed father glistened for all attempts.


accented to the future

'Private property has made us stupid ' ... Marx by way of Michael hardt... a communist project.... A wonderful positive affirmation of the life forces of the day.... Ah the beauty of it, the vision the beauty of the body in its whole effort forward this drew Jill's line of thought her living loving hands sharing the communist spac e of her , her her

and so the discourse mingles with the poetry. The poetry merged as in a river mouth opening to its heart in the heartless word... the common s in the bodies the heart love's mouth. reaching to its outward ... yet the local machines don't work too well do they, caught in the ignorances of the paranoia the daily shite... Jill's heart busted up, Keep sake love to her loy. Mona raved ....||||||||||||||||| where does the body go? how does it read/reach another plane of pain/does its 'identity' change as the pain increases...and memory what becomes of memory in this moving ... No we don't remember...

how does your body get shared when its in pain|Mona is a sane zone? a hungry zone a body ? a hungry body?



The last hinge

we want
is bourgeoisoguattarian, eh!


Jill's philocksophy

Jill's thought drawn up as by a girdle and not a girder she's rolling hip. And close-fitting clad in wraps and snaps. The world's a gift encircled by her paws. O her pause is very mine and mined the shaft of rusing ... She 'used to have a habit' then hr 'fire went out'

she's terrible that way. her clutter is phenomenanl and outreaching intelligent as a ass stung bee. You could say she's succinct with all the toying around that multiplies a world. Of
encircled, as by a girdle. If she had a room to spare, she 'd come your fearsome brook. And tell the afternoon its bog bridged by the worrisome day. Her friends might spy a vestal gown on a good day and afterward on her beige barge she's twistet every spoonerism made. Not so the airing flaunt of her cunning taste. Cinque-foil and restive knights match the folly of resins and pastes

In 1400 she was wooed by privateers. Then nights paramour . She got her stockings wet. her face fell in the fretting thing, her fallow features and in this way she's blind to her seeing.

Sex me now m y ....

Yes and then she found my voice, we cross-sexed and cross-voiced.

Like seed and bran or something like that ….
          What if memory were the seed to passing recollection and the future forwarded its grief like any passing day say as if fat fortune kepts its balance that way and if the series multiplied by  strange paradoxes and then we turn

the little corner , and so it might appear to the paradox mockers... the stew of recollection's keening her brain ....

what pleasure to the high behest of this rolling hill, the divan of paid deus absonditus has

stilled the hearts of men, rung the pulleys of generation and this way

she comes around. It's hunchback time and her future's forwarded

her visage. Her throat's hung dry . Vilvadi might be her master, but realism has no place in this clime.

If she cry Mama when coming and fucking the welt of womb and night's crapped out pallor

its not because she's oedipus it's because she's electrified by death.

O really. Sarcastic bastard of the illegal sun, and the moon half assed bakes her juice.

You might go blind thinking that way.

________________________ Oona counsels staying away from the old 'masters.'

_____________________________ Oona's introduced merely to 'fade away.'


Of these authorities

Come along capture you're spent . Now its rear guard factioning. O really its tillage and rain clunking along the earth's side. Its merit being nothing but the wrong-headed doings of dumb men. Mrs. immanence handing crumbs to her page. Her squire's not the ego's last citadel, nor is it the penultimate vestige.

Each bum's a method. Not a simple thing acquiring a chance mistake reckoned by the air of the stars.
Tyre the night, thrum the beat. Or spin it on its jack-christ by the river of its spent work.

In our ears the radio. Or the buzz of its pearl like wisdom. The silence of the sea easy going say.

... Nor satyrs either lover ~

Hey ya you can't step in the same river even once .



this way

Of the bodies that have calcified . and their knight night. their hart's captured the imagination. we held cupped in our feet. as clocks pour rain. and contagion as the wearer's bell, cap and . Mister Jester holding his nose sniffing the bear. Not the honey hung by wefts in forests. But the ... women

this way there's been no one. we __ aloof. In this area, your're a district from home Obssession its rainbow chador its smacking feet on autumn leave. Leafs that swing hinged back and forth, the clochard, the cockerel the clockwinder of standing.

In and in and then coned and awarded the sky cares. And framed by and trapped? by Humtpty_Dumpty we hear the staring beam.

Did they omfort you, consolation
past the bombed

the broken

its war

ranking the speed of Love?



" [...] lorsque la communication est établie entre séries hétérogènes [...] quelque chose "passe" entre les bords, des événements éclatent, des phénomènes fulgurent. "


cabane à sucre

if it switches this and that. it was not . it was. okay. so she swishes. no. something other else.
cabane à sucre

Jill finds her user's body round the trail of Europe. It's not an occidental payment but a strange one calibrating all the mysterious wrongs of her past. This way there's none left
as she returns home. If she goes there , I mean, returns say.... well, perhaps, It's a bargain to boot, but her circus is a cry so forlorn she has no one to marry. What does that entail_________ No passage way given to the one who wearies. Theres's tears, grimaces, visions, auras even chimeras that grab her feet.

And now ? she curries favor with the gods that be, not quite the same as them that become is it you dear being bugger your brains out. There's huff and puff.

Between each inch we have to find our place.


come to me schizoanalyst bitch


Come to bitch.

__________________________the arrow points this way. a swim a plane a dive.

___________________________________________________some things never change.

___________________________________________assume you're flying around the hilt of the handle.