this way hear it's .... guttersnipe.. and

does it take a face to know your spoon? does the dog. dare try. its rough fate on the shear bellicosity of wolf. come around she layered its pompous leaf.

If Jack is like this :

Jack got a real scholastic kick when readin' this translation of
one of Del's daughters. And because there was no one else to do it, he
thought one day I'll latin me englishfrench and death to all transcribers
of codes and abodes!

shes hurried to end . theme? not so the heart of the matter being its bare ice.

Copy that dear code fakirs!
Around the humble wainscoting of the den

No groups for the herd have chimed this phosphated


Jill breaks tthru the barricades & barrucudas

_____________ Jill breaks through.

_________________So she shall. Or shant we push up daisies. bending our head toward apocalypse.

Revealing the former in the midst of the latter, his suicide turns out to be the act of killing God as the Father and Deleuze himself as the father of his philosophy of life, in order to free the multiplicities of life from unifying paternal authority."

Dada you are gonegone
We are gorgonegorgoned

thy blogs are thundered under the air break its straw . Bated soup de la jour.


this prophet business

O this prophet bystander business she warmed to the 'she said' idea. Was other than to self. bother to its grindstone fellow girth to her height And a prophet has to have a class.

Or none hear her stringing leaf. Along the badder boardmeander she's cut the soup of arrangement in two, three and give-away five. This way she's filigree to her degree of penchant hope.

We'd shun this violate. Viola of her amber stepping over to the hedge. Its gruesome moment her gargoyled hide.

: this
___________________________ O this prophet has no stone left to tend her goat. So then shes roughed up the deterritorialing planes to her knowledge. this way shes got gas to spare and milk aplenty for her believer. Her balcony's hung with rakish decoration.


So Love's Pretty little jewel DialOgues

________________________________ So now this cameo is a patent lie! Huffed the hither of yousome filth!

" Nietzsche was a professor. Now isnt that nice? I love professors,
essp. the profs of desire. I love all of them I love Ivanhoe. I hoe and
hoe the professor ofdesire. "

"I and on the other hand am not a professor. But a poet. A poet who
lvoes philosophy and its loves.On my other hand I am. I am. I am the am of
the other hand. "Love's gooachoo it's new old fairlimbed
as the rocking chair cambering on the veranda
where the welcome of becomings
cries like waves
over the back star
facing the

its joy long reckoned

Mona weaves a pitcher on her head.
balancing the territory of D an R
measuring wine with her song
water with her


Imagine that and more . Mona holds the idea o f duration conceived as after the fact hindsight is 50-50 self rationalizing justifying

but really
Jill sees better
her glasses
she's on the bead too
knowing fate's not destiny
but necessity's play by play action.


So hum yr way little devil! of the slow shifted thing ~


Day and livery

For every day there's been more. of there. Antelope, gazelle, gazebo and cypress. over this air of mouth to south, there'd' been cared for arrant things ttipsyturvy apparent in gallant air. A place stampeding legs had sweat. And would a heron pray? She holds back the nervy reproach, removal's not her gig.

If she pierced the foam it was not because of ennui, rather it was the bell declaring like a jubilant requital the thing gifting the air
of her train.

this was going west, in a hurry south. Her
_____________________________If the leaning pole was further from lopsided horizontal bearing, she'd be tree stuck tothe ground. Not so! she's hooted far enough and wide. Her wife of tearing the page up from her skin..

Is telling her nothing but memories pulling back her place.


Alright she's not Rimbaud when she's home however between her legs, ships have crumbled and cities past. Made their memories known. Black sailors have thrown between their legs, the worst of high, low meadow and odd creatings that memorized the ligament of breath. This way she's been born.



in the echo

In the ...y echoes of everything, prison__ life__ death,
---------------------- come around __ what do you see ? the heart above all .. things. ...
night ...speeches given by the wardens, daily __ defenders of a system, one think s of firemen, street cleaners? teachers, professors, and deans of departments ...

...cubbyholed in their box__ a catch as catch can power distribution system ---. Into into into __ what the dark? an echo of ..... they go
which echoes and echoes so many others and many lost loves,__ so many perdue Deleuze and paradise lost Milton dictating what others wrote centuries later strife breath and right an adjective spacing its way out and across application
... the bombing ....in the mountains we heard ....
shields of water... crashing... zooming overheard...
of desktop._[what is this radium? is this a depleted shell? She wore her death .. veiled night .. of this there were none... hung by the plate fatten'd by the sky, its dead run ... god... the jet cut around us... we stood... nothing.....]_ In this way the phrasal form of the sentence colony is busted __ yer verb splice love affair hip _

--------------------------------------- it's deceitful... that prophet standing on her mountain she's bowed in prayer loving her is god...
__ In the colony where she lived Eldorra ___ India ---she sent an email __ got it five years after___ was my lover, one of __, trudged the streets of India lost... sense of smell destroyed, I

was fortunate, you were blessed you held
__ the soldiers came.... hurting hitting...

A hand I had been holding myself; the grievers were not happened by theory and the professors of poetry were con arrivistes as well what did Isodore call them, arrivistes, yes, I recall.from the book he stole, I took when it wasthe lubba library of thieves Mercury was my father no, Son of Genet, Pierre Ablear, Guillame, imagine all Jill becoming all of those, not in the mental house some Americans dropped the atomic bomb on a city outside of Baghdad back in the Power black out and then said it was an electric grid but not so the "tactical

between these stones... or the love of hay in the afternoon ....
there was and there was not a city....
nuclear weapon" used 30 miles south of Baghdad otherwise the military from a nearby when once the sweet lips sang in
(are these children in the water? their hair's marked by death....)
the staggering lake of shit with the piled upside down heads and licked asses of dirt and lakes the noise of utter and the translation canot make the dish wo

and she Egyptian has given up her . Never had her. Traded to. Yes, well its like this. She was sheer. not bulk but weighed to size along the bottom of the ocean
canot make the dish work backward across the lodgings of buildings
I want to know why she is a slave she said nose rings close to her death all things must come to a piece thousands of dead

women in blankets like a vast gas chamber subduing the west from land to land and sea to over the end of the rainbow