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when Jill was in a hurry she slammed the door. Shuddering the nails in her house. This way hergelogoy heeard the name God. It was crusty as mist and wishes. But wore the day down and the sun alive. Her love was rare stirring chokecherries. And raptures of boysenberries . And secret. walks in wood.

As sandal to feet so were her feet to leaping.



Would a word open the thing? say atoms ferrying their fuddled castings to the hope of life ever? for good and permanent returned to grace its folly and freedome. Huffed the stary arms about the reaching river.

dot the clouds with blue. open their rain. tarry no longer as the wool receding picking its thought. offers no ray to the blanc-mange of its cookie. not the taste of wine but the fur of chinese salt.

Mona thinks its a pick-a-ninny nonsense. Or the tablets of river when fishing trout becomes the occupation of men and the warrior type. Painted down to the toe and more binding the ankle.

Doubt removing all the soil. A lifetime of effort and ice-cream parlours .


freezes the hope
of intrauterine

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Now try that

Jill's a humdinger looking for her big daddy. She's in plateau forty-two, and she's 89, 6th to her seventh birthday to heave. Not like the orthographic girls she's got jewelry to spare and lovin' to be givin'. She's a haptic fuss and a nervy kind of kid. with hair down to her legs. she loves her man from afar and near, and like him, she's close to the trombone. Now try reading that.


to her melt

rhizome _ lateral pearing. wheezing squeezing from the waist that's how it's done. Jill saw Mona Mona saw JIll there was halves chemistry kickin from her midriff to her midroof. She was songingsing. her ah air was capping by songs.

Not refted by night she held her pose. A captured tonic being. She ruddered to her melting.

To her melt there were many, her gestalt was sown and birded by the breaking of time. It married its instant to . Franny held the port. She was knock down along enlightenment analoged by treatment. Her digital base bearing straight ahead as any ship would on a ripening day. This way she loved.