for us sinews

wont that end? it has. the last man has no time. forthe atheist

is noble. yes,its sauve qui peut? i am satanized most ofthe
rhyme. these mode d'expression ~
yes that idea of marked by head brand . we end . that sex. in bedroom her real punishmenet is love
____________________________ what was that reverting no t versing as the prayer of the alcoholic is death as in dt's elegiac missive to heaven on his 30th year. shackles to sang in sea chain.

nto for us overmening. becomigthe bright sport of spirited positive ~ we verse not revert! O sailors O bucaneers ~ each machine to its working ~

"pray for us sinners now and"

and them children becomings? one harmst not. the other. one flie along one two own ligne de fuite .

what th hekaccity

what the haeccity are you talking about yer awkward tuning fork of assemballs and yer ball of misfortune and fortune yer wheel of feel and reel to steal its platonic removal like love's daily name.


first not seconde

this is future first. then held by stage coach. gendarmes. arrived. its weak and dreary. no a rhyme to employ your day. its fur and not teeth.

so its apache aphasia . between two reeding idea.

______________________how do they differ? who said the thighs were best held in daylight. now the nightime coming Medusa. her shadow boot. as you vise and advise revise.


to this

he dont hear lion. nor leopard. is that jaguar. and rire to river morning. and the highest bird. in the animal coming round brutal coming . in the lutte dans . yes, __ the organ comes round the string. the cow grounds masticating. not the knitting needle . or the inion of onion. what landish reposte is this the becoming woman becoming animal and the abstract

enter the abstract no escaped the voice. its thundered repeat frained to the chalked

don't O don't ask ~ !

Do not ask who it tolls for theeeeeeeeeeeeeee belllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssss
it ringzzzzzzzzzzzz for theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

zzzzz for theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Jill hurries home, shes only nearly a hundred and red year deadgone to dust of phenomena. Her egology is strumpeted
transcendent. She wont have any teeth left at this rate.
What rate? is the rational?
Mister Edmund
was hanging tight
A little of this a little of that and its the
susurrussusurrus of

Seurat the
pointillism of
desire eye
the tea
he bread
and bears
are borne
to upward
on the swinging wind
in her holy ever effervescent
Mona wont remember its nearby molecule.
her propinquity aint made that way. besides being Maid she's made of
amnesia and schlock choices on most day. What marram of grass is this in the headland of being nothing and the gap passed
administered as consciousness does what it do?

Can Mona find the reply in her flipping Plato pages? Does it take paging the old philoking himself door to door with Socrates knocking to acquire the Delphic retort? Come away come away you harbingers of sight and harbour . this wardour avenue atmosphere is no guardian of the truth.

Where is Socrate's wife? Doe she stew the dialectic behind his back? it's that postcard thing cooking up at the pharmacy's the problem. Well, blow me over, you ancient castle. I aint got no card to cook your goose. We're hell bent on makingthe Same no matter what we try of goose and gander. But a willow's not a window no matter how you shake it.
Jill hurries "back" she's arrived at the window pane. her marianne moorish clusters are grapes to view and better sentiment than that has gotten her goat, and her
going's goine good and true. So thus it become s and thus it was .


le chaotic phasspor

here Schizochaotic, c`est tres beau ca. »n`est-ce pas tres beau? Very nice
very nice as Arthur Lipsett once said in the title of his film. Film Film..
these I am `working on the wrought essence`of my dissertation with
poetics... a dissertation that deserts its subject, where all idenitities
collapse and make one laughing happy fundly.

Yours, Franny and Mona.

So she rote her collar routine to the ball-bearing straight. Is the gate. that passesd nirvana. I have been multiple tabbing paps. O Gnostic River of fritter and boom-boom to your besoin!


after that

After that we'll do off the precursor & recursor we change it to suffering as the words badinage their way to eternity . One only has words, one must escape them ~.


pray for us sinners now and ...

and at the hour of. glassed bref? is that right? come along now. yer order word is ordure to the fifth power. not flour. to its eked out sense. come along article.paid by num.b ~ . Mona has a this and that.
she's l'
she's la
she's le

________________ Jill resemble toutes les choses. Une ecole des poisson. Come along yer A is not the The.
Come along she's married the suite to suit her T to a T.
Not aharbinger of come along. Or mingled thing.

This is what Jill as Mona has kicked the rhizome to piece.

to piece its the
its indefinite a

a boy
a gallery a
a buttock

a button hole. a tommy gun. not seperated by language but united in its vigorous front.



O dear Doctor you wrote and wrote


...."in Bergsonism that the past and present are not two moments in succession. They coexist. The present never ceases passing. The past is always where the presents pass through.

The past does not follow the present, but… is presupposed by it as the pure condition without which it would not pass. (Bergsonism, 59, qtd in Kelly, )

from pirate research machineyreries

time is a face then with both end s
looking a Way seeing both pure as the given rain sure as the driven snow pure as its passage its rifted between over coming s to one comes to pure as the rain after forested traveller or the word


What Can a Body do?

what can she do
what can she do
what cant she do
do redo
what Can she do?
if she is she
he's he
what can she do
if she blue
blue as cerulean

... Deleuze obtains his famous question, "What can a body do?" (Qu'est-ce que peut un corps?) "....SpiNoza cite

So time is not a body
or a body
is pure
of the egg
of Aeon

or was

that Eon?
Jill cross hatched her 'egg
into the futurity of time's
pregnant pause



So we wren & wright
the wain
haberdashery of
its comings

here ~