Jane has Jill

 Frame of reference: Jill's the becoming of the letter G . So solid as a doll's stand. A lamp shade, a doorpost.

Jane has Jill knock her knees down _ tweed dress like a sleeker will do. Hell's bells to a mate's stare cannot hook the knocking down, the knocking down ~

Taking her dress of f  library hour glassed her eye brow tickled the Icarus sun, its smooth potatoe   glance into the sun. Winning by any smile her sheer down look. Toiled, not by anything but love . Was her day. Day a day day to day ~ a to makes the difference.

Jane has Jill
_________________ Jill has a hill. Jane has a dog. They walk around the hill holding a dog. And waiting for the fun. Not to start, yet only to begin, and referring back later she's better than a dozen to one. Making it to the big time!

_________________________Jill reads Wordsworth on rainy days and she eats strawberries later at night. Wha does this have to do with the French philosophers' machine?  The  ontological of politics and pleasure.

If she's hurdy-gurdy its cause father doesn't know best, and mama's gone crackers. So hold the tomato soup! get that tureen! you monkey face! we're on our way to the fracas! Oval headed Mona drops by for a vessel. Discovering the lightness of gravity that the lightness of gravity is celerity and celery. And cheesewhiz and all good things round the rainbow.


every body

for every body without organs you've mussed a top
cornered the hours of pinting potting its hair down thistle. miing meadow and daisy. its like that anywhere the prose poem horned its twisted mules ivory along the cow reach of its popping tinder. bined as you are you 'll know this seizure is yer lent

its become a theory of narratives. clapped by the horny paw .
yes,lover . we've chimed around the tree
its multiple memorex padding
cinching day and right its
out gathered hams blocked by pleas ~


Jill her braiN

jIll her brai n in her head. Knocker the knicker cunning as baffling was the jewel of Knight. Knighting was a procedure carefully convented by dimple and daffodil on her apple face.

As watch to corn helps the azure calm. Working a street car traveller Jill knows shes hung's woodbine over cry after cry .


Jill dare

Jill dare her teeth to chew as she speaks. Seeks green and light. All along the naves of church. The woman's thigh. As it presses the nave, leaning against the body church in Paris, a night like this a night like any other. His knight, hers.

Indeed hers ~



In bucka roo land the mincy prissies did all they could , but cant nor wont. The metro lover was first in love his line a dose of dears and love. Cause that's the way it was his Jill was Jane all down the line.