this'll be yer brain Mona. stampin' over the plane. quelle plane, well that planular one of finger . doubled by air and eclipsed moon. Mona's ass gigled to the sun, knowing she was dying. in her starting.

O Jill ! take my hanky! you're teary-eyed~



Cld. it becomings idiot theory gets longer bold. and narrative dies off knowing it s heart felt scraper? or is it closer to sickness?


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Jill new nothing better than it was.what was the alibi of intense. as she wished to wanting, becaring her back to back See~ .


Jill k n e w

Jill knew that all regalia was
fortuitous unlike the blank on the bus she was passing the street its stree t passed back in its titled back range
brogue of her tawny tongue.

Tititllated by gyspies and mothers.
Climbed the bag of celerity her collection
fathered womb after womb a parade more nebulous than love itself. Giddy_up goo its the melt down of benevolence her richer provenance cared among elders.