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and of their_________________the planular of immaence ~ a flow that talking
backwards sears the moment
gangering the swell of moment a boy wardering the wood

and then a man seeing fit to all cracker-barrels. and prose has turned the cage
where her felt tune ferried the fuel hour of barricades

yes sometimes because the tap tied tapestry




how does it work? then? thematically as the darling socks of wool work knight on trestle. who careth when bom bom cups toom-toom shaking her hair on the wood of rowdy fingers, the yellow of sexes and the hex of being, and becoming



Poppycock Mona busted her garter belt. Bustted her gart.er. busted her gut.laughing. shake a toe, shake a leg.quiver lover as night' s round maze amaze to your deleterious selves. well around the mountain and ring around the awesome geography of this body. o this mouth is paved. mouth is pavement as rosy circle |

wont they ever see Jill tommy gun ginsing to her rain ~ .


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o then its one was said Mona Franny Frantic in her jewel pack. Blind as a bat. blurred with cur. back to the shack

this was near to any closer infolded rain ov er the flotilla of the fat playa of embryonic shit and kirtled birth.


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Is this yer wish, he hoped. As were to went his giggly boutique rath. Hmmm yer not faking sense Mister ANti. Come along frau~ Come along there, frau~ . Yer hooked eye's damp.

the guest is maid!
is that made?
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defected ~

fected! in a glass eYe!~
bbdd &fabbbee fannn eE, in What is Philosophy?, p. 183. Character pieces like this require projection—decent acting ability and a good sense for the part—maybe as much so as more serious pieces. Performing a character piece with the intention ...