where and

where are you fictions .

as a tasmanian devil hiding. wearing the pink blue stucco of red underwear? Is this Mona in her jersey sailed beyond brigand sea, past any cape of hope?

________________________ O the fir tree and frigates we've been.

O the tire of round wax and the drill of napes.

the cement forest. the centime of dross. or desire's ghastly hedge!


Frannny has her...

Franny has her fill.... dark nights ... shared over the passage ... this type of landscape..'s no word its bucket pillaged filled with the voisin of peerage. Not the stocking geese of yet to yesterday but

other airs of a piano in the North ...

rocketing in the sun

as the trampoline wire play .... Franny has worn her rag long born its bottom to her tuning fork. Her breast sucked at by lover and lover has heard the call of corridor and training. Ripped to shreds by the night, she's borne her tracks without debasement.

Her continuing saga love's folly.A sage brush to tank her fuel storage bursting at the gillie of the moment.

Puffed and huffed her wayward meter. She's counted knaves on her feet.

Come to her kissing ~ .

and lying-in . ~

Za chto za chot in another life ~


must be

You are fired Mister. What? she cant share her shoes? grasp what camera of fig? figged your ment to sorrow grounding. Over the rose of overwhelme d she. tears. the knocking out of the story.it must be her netting .

Times like this Jill is very sorry. sorry is story. 8 feet off the ground. the offal of her memory is greek fuse's cartridge. her pell sea is pestered to her ink. like any narrative womb. hilting the sea supper.


Mona won


Sweet dear . yer opus card's maxed. Come here. Dareone. Between our cupped. Lip to rewarded lip. Yer sonnet cared my speech. Mona twined around your bogue. Brogue to your leaning love. You're now where to foundering. Covering elbows with patched. It's yours to have. Only effort calls your coat.

                                        Open your blouse to talk. Epistle lover worried at her kempt. No knocks to pair the thighs. Ruined by your reserved enter to this exit. burrowed to our body. mother to our guess. Usher it to hour, hover by this plaintiff, palinode to say hunkered with our vignette. Mona fragiled her worn.

Everyday you wait pride becomes your care. Not this twinkle to your Irish ear. Loosen your barcode married to my lent. This'll invent our lover's suit. Cherished by the air.


Ca ll It

Call the whole project a hagiography

not perfect
the prophet is
but becomes
as becomes
is untimely
whore of atime
if one 's a chronicle of
fictive biography of real authors
then one's a hagiographer.
a lover of bodytext.
but more
the becomes
are comed
and come again Madame!


Mister and Mrs Was...

Mister and Mrs Spinoza would like to announce their weed and wedding. Or something along the W line of fling lingam and yoni. O sure, come on Mona get off yer calipers. Produce something wet. As theory has been yer assemblage, youth fades, age dates.


this is Mona monday

This is yer mOna monday. she is shiel to spent casings. morsel (f) of her body lover. breath to her cut ling lun.g. Lingua to her lingam ~ . Hmm yes. shall working to her reluctant patter. Franny's manner is active stereodetyping. she's rued her H' to every S'h.

Are you moving yer reticent indigo idioms to her e~ to Hear not Sea. But carepackage is not Ear Drop


tu n e up yer ra dio

the Multiplicity oftheE Burrow ragged round bevel. Jill saith to Claire Dia _Logos i n Housing of Rare turned on radio FM AM tuning one two one two 1.... 2 .... tuning fork...



jIll go au to poeiti c

space defined by an autopoietic system is self-contained and cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space. When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic system, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this pr


Here the s ee whe nce as Jill to self con ta in i ng
her smi le is that
thating as it speaking
worn to eating

hear to compose compose
she pose pose
third person i ng as it leaf

however not grief

but leaded widow glass

An autopoietic machine is a machine organized (defined as a unity) as a network of processes of production (transform

"An autopoietic machine is a machine organized (defined as a unity) as a network of processes of production (transformation and destruction) of components which: (i) through their interactions and transformations continuously regenerate and realize the network of processes (relations) that produced them; and (ii) constitute it (the machine) as a concrete unity in space in which they (the components) exist by specifying the topological domain of its realization as such a network." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 78)
"[…] the space defined by an autopoietic system is self-contained and cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space. When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic system, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this projection." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 89)


nto that is what I calls squaring.

she write "sqaured hypoteuse of bloc"

as wind does.

as any hoof bangs.
cape flung carriage!

Wheeled her winging. O come along now, Derry, there's nothing left there, but the nothing.

More Soon! good Blog!

Not a

ng.Mister Milton meets Mister Plateau Deleuze. Or Jil l encountering Paradise Lost. Satan grabbing Mona and Jill, Franny frantic background. Not a saint, but a becoming. Not a rigadoon and a rigamarole, however a dandy on the fairy island. Was hope the name of narrative. Can abstraction beats its frustrated monitor? Her wings buzz. She shiver me thimble archeytypal around the malarkey mandala. She wink around her wisp tip ear. Or sailing pendent boated raft off Satan's cup of tea.

What regent bears this knave? Crystal ball of lingering intent, her body's escaped the prevalent mood. Detoir. Detear. Retear. her cumbersome cave, is melancholy's comic brood.

Heft! my lovelies! not followers.


Sunday must

JIll has found her bone the dog which bites. Cuts molar strata against willing molecules. What sucker bites that but the evil spirit, and her Satanic glimmer immanence to her desiring-machine.

Sunday must be the willing day of death for all philosophers. Not direction convection nothing man felling into woman-becoming compels the cell ribs the wrong way
scorn's happy patter
is scorn's unhappy
my Shakespeare.



He feel this hour its burst upon the plain

grazing ruminating as wishes do over watering

buffaloes or how her hips stretch meeting my

hands fluttering cowering over her thigh, hip

leg mouth to fur of secret wished for mouth


carried by weather and time. returned tuned

to love's bawdy.

If Jill holds her ass

does it mean she loving him,

hipped to her solo butt

ass of god and goddess breaks the dawning night

of their loving all nightlong mouths.

This will becomed to her becomely

as witch's brooms and feral feet

frog feet and then other bark backed chairs

hover in the air of the sucking seed . Love

which is the fourth saw ofthe square world

always knew their name.

Crossing the road, she's yanked to her mouth

bred to his loving catch, cocked to his

winging lover body.


dont you think

Mona it's time to rhyme yer thesis. Anti head as the sqaured hypoteuse of bloc becomings child hood. the radial sun's yr clapper.

Jil l knew right from throng
as gangling ghost in the intelligentle highway

or is
that genital
across the thumbs of night wood ~



knight before night was witch screed broom. her fair wheeze was curl to seize breath
over its clack bliss doom


le grande period

Franny did double duty specially on capers. Heists were not her style . Penciled
sentences comforted the tear jeremiad tear tearjerkers of her solemn oath .

Cleft of her blues she hovered the make.

She's a deft cleft chin . shankers to her woollies. Mannequins to her doubt.
Abandon every time.she fells her skin on doubt.


geology dance roun mecanospheres

geography work by umber & hazeleography work by umber & hazel

mona's pavanne

Mona's dance



honk! honk was her name

when Jill had a name . to remember.her shelling did no good. salvo! di mama was her wenting hurt. cowed by rain. shelved mist cummberbunding the gathering shiel her motto was mother. not oedipized she was gift warped and wrapped to go


was merrily mona

Was Mona merely becomings sentimental in the blubbery of 'greatness' and its hawked 'down' being? had she stumble bummed into the impassable passages of cloyed sentiment and the blood of a demi-god its awesome craters creators of lore and relic? was catholic not the becomings of nonbecoming total cash registers? stocks, bonds, the savings bank account, of the anticommunist. A cistern shell of the death watch?


Passsing the Pape

strangely enough as a stochastic dancer
of images
Mona was moved by the passing
of the Pope
the dada of the millions of molars
was some she shied from
but her heart was tinkered past
trying cynical
thus her red hat
and cardinal's robes a-flowing
she headed to Rome

for conclave
secret of the descending Spirit
the purged stairway
lead to grace after grace
the licking embers of the gone soul
the bardos of mention
and dimension
O Pape O father O dada of the molecule
that is not Father But Mother
I gathered you he said somewhere
like a hen that gathers her brood

it's what that Nazarene said
past the Damascus gate
after he'd entered Jerusalem


to some extent he'd been a working class clapping pope, even by accident, friend to Marx, the pilgrimage of desire's odd hat, the Paris hat, the doctors yacking hours into the night, high points, fine mettle of the quarrels, Marx knew the fact of labour, redemption was not its cost, but its price, its heighten'd price by capital's best catholic, . Some pudent impudent imp, of shape and clamour, clangoured the song, its outcome a paid rent on death.

Besides, who was the Nazarene but a drag on her Zarathustrian kilt her whacking good speak English before the purgatic fog, the tug boat chugged her harbour a barmaid to delicatessans so her eyes lifted, a wet lash to her lover's hug a mug lips to kiss me she wore her way weighted over my body a lover song to despatch the forlorn believers of death. And its body. Begining again she began her song .

___ as for good old Thomas, when
any man scrolled a song,
her welcome
was effusive
sweet melodic of


"Bring the tender tale true of the Pelican;
Bathe me, Jesu Lord, in what thy bosom ran
Blood that but one drop of has the worth to win
All the world forgiveness of its world of sin"

(Excerpt from Adoro Te Devote, St. Thomas Aquinas).

Adore te devote aredrome her Mona fancies were
Pulling him off the cross .


Jilly said

Hmm I like the way you construct dg ’s ide a of flight becoming formalized sort of i n a working style, however formalization is perhaps a mite too territorial a notion…? it’s alwaysa pragmatics in the machine they constructed…,No?


similitude has it danger. to come back territory. as not so reterritory. A red Tory! trogdolyte is missive machine mix

take the true anorexic





indeed her eyes shine

belly distended

wants loving



--, Indeed Sir Sailor Sir knight you are these things peril the sheet of nights. Curving down their whirr down song
Jane has hill workin the night cap light. geology of whirling feet

creating crate over geology
working the full hour omen carrying the way to sun she was busted with her gripe. gripping the reel spin on Platonic ones. this was mountain by path.


Jill! Jill!

Jill skirmish her skittish kittenish. No that was not coal.
she hung in flats, and cold water vats.
she hung in plateaus as a bat does.
cause that
was her

was a bona
truckingher way past law

jIll Had a skirmish. that was the favorite word of the military. she had a skirtmish. A skirmish was not a skirtmish or mash de moosh...

Celebrating her mother's days she winked over sea


Jane has Jill

 Frame of reference: Jill's the becoming of the letter G . So solid as a doll's stand. A lamp shade, a doorpost.

Jane has Jill knock her knees down _ tweed dress like a sleeker will do. Hell's bells to a mate's stare cannot hook the knocking down, the knocking down ~

Taking her dress of f  library hour glassed her eye brow tickled the Icarus sun, its smooth potatoe   glance into the sun. Winning by any smile her sheer down look. Toiled, not by anything but love . Was her day. Day a day day to day ~ a to makes the difference.

Jane has Jill
_________________ Jill has a hill. Jane has a dog. They walk around the hill holding a dog. And waiting for the fun. Not to start, yet only to begin, and referring back later she's better than a dozen to one. Making it to the big time!

_________________________Jill reads Wordsworth on rainy days and she eats strawberries later at night. Wha does this have to do with the French philosophers' machine?  The  ontological of politics and pleasure.

If she's hurdy-gurdy its cause father doesn't know best, and mama's gone crackers. So hold the tomato soup! get that tureen! you monkey face! we're on our way to the fracas! Oval headed Mona drops by for a vessel. Discovering the lightness of gravity that the lightness of gravity is celerity and celery. And cheesewhiz and all good things round the rainbow.


every body

for every body without organs you've mussed a top
cornered the hours of pinting potting its hair down thistle. miing meadow and daisy. its like that anywhere the prose poem horned its twisted mules ivory along the cow reach of its popping tinder. bined as you are you 'll know this seizure is yer lent

its become a theory of narratives. clapped by the horny paw .
yes,lover . we've chimed around the tree
its multiple memorex padding
cinching day and right its
out gathered hams blocked by pleas ~


Jill her braiN

jIll her brai n in her head. Knocker the knicker cunning as baffling was the jewel of Knight. Knighting was a procedure carefully convented by dimple and daffodil on her apple face.

As watch to corn helps the azure calm. Working a street car traveller Jill knows shes hung's woodbine over cry after cry .


Jill dare

Jill dare her teeth to chew as she speaks. Seeks green and light. All along the naves of church. The woman's thigh. As it presses the nave, leaning against the body church in Paris, a night like this a night like any other. His knight, hers.

Indeed hers ~



In bucka roo land the mincy prissies did all they could , but cant nor wont. The metro lover was first in love his line a dose of dears and love. Cause that's the way it was his Jill was Jane all down the line.


of for of

Of four over of. off. its here. of over off~ tercet of sanka opps its hail sweetened cup. hip hup its swaying swing ~

we come back forth over vaulted pole stall in rings rose to May ~


Of Franny and

Damn your eyes~ Mona jilled across her overed incomings. as any embryopersonafictation she knewed her way around dharma bummings, covered and taxed quilits, and wilting wet socks Five shillings to a shadow and perish the thought, amn't I a very good forever and ever a ray blocked bear light?

Of Franny and her fandango there are mullioned winds. and chimed pates. On her feet.


they will become

marc h of franny Jill et Mona vers les hills de desire. un deist mare of mist on the pooling light. Is that correct erring your plane as such a like of meadows predials the prayer like cobbled comb its fracture a tear along the length of dawn .

they will become these and other~


careful at that class with debord and others a clinique to pare yer circus curriculum fare .



this'll be yer brain Mona. stampin' over the plane. quelle plane, well that planular one of finger . doubled by air and eclipsed moon. Mona's ass gigled to the sun, knowing she was dying. in her starting.

O Jill ! take my hanky! you're teary-eyed~



Cld. it becomings idiot theory gets longer bold. and narrative dies off knowing it s heart felt scraper? or is it closer to sickness?


Knew an

Jill new nothing better than it was.what was the alibi of intense. as she wished to wanting, becaring her back to back See~ .


Jill k n e w

Jill knew that all regalia was
fortuitous unlike the blank on the bus she was passing the street its stree t passed back in its titled back range
brogue of her tawny tongue.

Tititllated by gyspies and mothers.
Climbed the bag of celerity her collection
fathered womb after womb a parade more nebulous than love itself. Giddy_up goo its the melt down of benevolence her richer provenance cared among elders.


of there

and of their_________________the planular of immaence ~ a flow that talking
backwards sears the moment
gangering the swell of moment a boy wardering the wood

and then a man seeing fit to all cracker-barrels. and prose has turned the cage
where her felt tune ferried the fuel hour of barricades

yes sometimes because the tap tied tapestry




how does it work? then? thematically as the darling socks of wool work knight on trestle. who careth when bom bom cups toom-toom shaking her hair on the wood of rowdy fingers, the yellow of sexes and the hex of being, and becoming



Poppycock Mona busted her garter belt. Bustted her gart.er. busted her gut.laughing. shake a toe, shake a leg.quiver lover as night' s round maze amaze to your deleterious selves. well around the mountain and ring around the awesome geography of this body. o this mouth is paved. mouth is pavement as rosy circle |

wont they ever see Jill tommy gun ginsing to her rain ~ .


o then

o then its one was said Mona Franny Frantic in her jewel pack. Blind as a bat. blurred with cur. back to the shack

this was near to any closer infolded rain ov er the flotilla of the fat playa of embryonic shit and kirtled birth.


marl ~ arme

MaRl_~arme~ bought a rhizomebabyaswedid_ o when cached cradle her crop . Clocked along the lie of sooth forsooth her breasting maids. She repose repose. The awwwwwwwwawweeee willy winter of her mouth bound fair. So clicked her humdinger and by jingo she laid _ chunning half the way through throng.

Is this yer wish, he hoped. As were to went his giggly boutique rath. Hmmm yer not faking sense Mister ANti. Come along frau~ Come along there, frau~ . Yer hooked eye's damp.

the guest is maid!
is that made?
nota 1
defected ~

fected! in a glass eYe!~
bbdd &fabbbee fannn eE, in What is Philosophy?, p. 183. Character pieces like this require projection—decent acting ability and a good sense for the part—maybe as much so as more serious pieces. Performing a character piece with the intention ...