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Jill called Franny when it was time to fend her dissert desert. She had heap of ice-cream. and her parlour was velour very wet. Indeed she sham de lam tristram tram way her lover boy.

Mona didnt want to lash out on furniture so she lived on boxes. And sometime plates. She had a date with death and doctor deluxe delirious death ~ . she awayed her self to night's only immanence.

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« Nous deux » ou l'entre-deux


fandango tart

Mona knew a fandango was a tart, especially when Greek. Cheap as tawdy desktop dictionaries and phoney poetry, she cruised the altitudes looking for a shit to drop. She found them in the blogged out strata of resentiment and its coda

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calibrated by sun. Witching brooms held the gage. Engage (add accent reader) to ring its
beating quill by mastered sun and moon. Moon.

Yes, moon ,, Mona .

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Je_i wonder how My High Lady of Courtesy ,

as I've waved rolled a flag
create one line for a name
let other speak between the button betwixt the ocean deep
as it worked Jill was shuck'd between corn hooved by hour framed by cully worried by carrot, cambered by turnips,

a Lover's nose sliced off

thinkin' of her in the thick of it, as his death rolled in


regarding garde garden ~

them their numbers is the mini--plates, or plateaus and (not the
aristotles which are the Ari-Stotle stratas). Now this is from a part of my
Dis sertation.

Regards, Mona. Clifford Duffy