Mona had

Mona had a shot, and no one knew the difference, no one knew any better ~ . She was better than that, and bette r than no one ~ .

Lady Frankenstein ( & frankincense) has always understood my shares ~ . Shares and stocks, bonds and socks? A polish squeezed her name this way. Dumb-dumb . Dappled ray and flay. Oh come off it, Mona, Jill yer janny to her anydots anyway . As any suching seeker does ~ .

yet that thing

Mona moona comandeered . Franny demanded, Jill remanded her tristy solemn ash. Pashion to her fashion underthing lacy.


poltrooned ~

Was that the offer of your grace _ my grace her stepping knee, pads against the shoulder a whishing bone to her care down graces, bounteous as the plenteous care her eyes ~ .


Prowling Mona

Prowling Mona disfellowshipped shipped she out to wandering wavering navigation sands.

She proweld and growled.

Entourage and Enter !~

Fiction – L’écriture est fiction. L’écriture est réalité. La distinction fiction/réalité n’a jamais eu de sens.
Faisons de cette réalité abjecte que l’on nous impose – et que nous nous imposons – ce qu’elle est :

une fiction. Et construisons la réalité : elle ne nous demande que cela. Une littérature mineure sur un globe mondialisé.

Ouiouauoiuoua yeayea true terren true treeclimbers


pardon ME? meet Franny! Fanny's fan!

how many cookies fit in yer cache? not so many as all that? really. yes. we have woos to coo and coo to boo. we have sham to go and fennel to bait. yes. domain cup. break ass. really? ! yes! an ass to go to tears for! to go to War for Victory! Victory ! Victory Vive La France ! Liberte! Liberte! Egalitie! Fraternitie! Pour touss les hommmeszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz et toussssssssssssssss les Femmmmmmmmmsszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

oui cest monsieur egalitie! et mme eglaitie et dans leur lits son très beau et laid!
comment laid et beau a le meme temps?

ok! Ok! enough of that! egalitie! enough egalitie for one night. we need some haïr yes some real haiting hair! ya hear! man!Lord we' ll have la vengence the vengeance for yA! , et vengeance! meurtre murder! massacre! knife stabbing in the back in the dark! terrible murthers! et crimes passionnelle based on jalousie et envie! les desperados! oui ! les monstres d'humantie!


call them Mona's secondary seconded secodnay cinema hip

ad hoc her hips her hips her flowering beflowering hipping


too many loams spoil the gaff?

that server is yer machinist'
s delight, fright on the liffey river

her quarter sheaker

end of th e world is coming end of the moon? quarter moon in the down in the dungeons? high dudgeon?

is that the thee of Jill, Jill's perambulator, her shaker, Mona?



deisms desire's skeleton key
yes its eplural as deisiree's possesive plurality its kick back name as a football player rummaging fumbling the ball neutralizes the quater-back....