immanence is a huddle

A huddle she beaching the port .. not creaked in the door of fetish. Not wished for long down. Harmony. But Saturned to her key pad, as any waked sailor does. Or simple tirade of before and blink not wizard de clain and les chose comme ca. A plausible bi-literacy in the works is what him said in that firstling of book bogs so then agowas there. If time was place to her napkin and working. She was slew and funky. Not hidden in the car. Of its chariot. Purposeful to the day when shock treatment undid her head. Not lefted yet, but wringing right wing to her salty doom forecast.

Churn as surf head her woebegot fog. her dog upturned to her yellowed sheave. As was necessity her gambit.

thir d bloc of becomings

third blog plateau of fictive biographies and voiceshriefk yer nomadic machinery...She imagines him iambic pentameter . Limbic love to loam|so then. here of. Pretend Ptolemy! O so la me!
error Vocal!
Ribbon vocative.

apres le negatif retreat. not fanlate. but gone write. as winch whence. sumper then. summper de-ex. librix.

of head there.

all you langour

O yes yes Jill said to me one day, Mona me dear we gotta have a organism. An orgasm? pardon ! what scandale of scabrous commission is this? yer fetish plate come back to haunt angst these harlot of the internet?
shimmy shimmy shake baby,

all yer immanence come back to haunt you. Got yer haunt bonk as Will to Flower is your heterotextual desire.

Langour management please.:

we're not certain yet, supreme simulacra if this movie is good if
it aint we gonna kick it off efter . eft e R aLL.


prentended (yes that what it say) pendule maketh the green conservative lie down. it maketh the cash stalk mow. it maketh the one granny cynic and the other agape with philos to her felahin. On St. Denis you were the train of tube. Not close or nearer to Mrs schizoanalysis you were nave to church, orgasm to babe.

SHiver shimmy shimmy shake.

can you

Can you dig it?

it is astonishing _ what is a child to do against so much bad faith.

"bad date bad faith bad day night day gone dear night'

Can you dig it?

it is astonishing _ what is a child to do against so much bad faith.

"bad date bad faith bad day night day gone dear night'


retourne de soi

retourne de soi tour de soi soi-meme o'er tour de france . AS oona shared her meal her spilit heart was cared for. As when she approached the tree. Or as it heard the knight. and her love was chained. She was chained to . Not held by it barrier. That practice perfect pitch re-stayed her hour of content heard its knell as the english language was down frayed.


mona said to Oona

MOna said this :

She said she was young but I knew better knowing age was a piracy and pity a darning sock with wool over it and the balance was rent, a trip to ski, a wig, a tear in the hole of being; all of which was good because it led to becomings, and away from the old static quarries.


slouch hat king~~ .

the sLouch hat king tres louche thoughting Oona barely able to serve hersel... a tea ... across the track time sparked its path.

as this and that done god done gone.



when the fitth plateaa had been achieved, attained they walked by to the solo
Mona girth fifth

Mona firth went harmonica mouthed sentry mia to her moana her moanna. her swept upcurl away selving.


chariot of the fomad ~

Mona & her family lived in this chariot of the Fomad.


mrs rhizome & mrschizoanlysis a quietly schizophrenic marraige


When did she first cover he was homotextual? after bridge of thought was clack to sick. Excuse you? Was word to blind its bearing ball round? can wait to fair a mask wreck gamble? or waited by drum call to perihelion the beauweevil? Shike! yer eye's grown wasted with the bear of i.t. Imagine they asked me to write expository discourse prose when you do this so bloody well its insignia is sign to post its beauty best weared hindquarters to her wearness. Adoring. Avoiding all glances in the avenue passing boulevardier. Mean he was tracked to her as she was masturbate to her ten tone heat.

Mrs rhizome

Mrs rhizome came home with her shoes on backwards. Married Mrs Deleuze her cunning drafting wakes did not good. Not a good to world was done with her pun and mun. What pardon pun was that, lexicaled by the strata of her state? her phoneme was the simple compound of luster and glitter. Glance alock the lane of tune-up willy and her softward software puddle.She was aloof to any desire..More after good blog


p'ur'e PeRsonifictation

p'ur'e PeRsonifictation

is what it it s. its what it's is. is. the. yes. we know. shall see to lift plateau off fleet.
to pleated gown her red socks. not Stockings. Nor stockade my golf .
rubs the word. which hails the thing. as were was his word
carries the fox to bed, and bed.

Jill says sally to her name.
Oona ferries embrace
Mona forswears the euphonious
Fanny wear Franny.


fo'urth line

they say its the 4th hook is the dangerest _ the hook in the ramble of the body caught in the eye. she wore welfare in her ribbon. not the slanted S of social aid but rested cure on mountain top. Ramble and sambo. for each bet Mona was maid Jill was dagger. Franny wa sinside her coup rattling the gene fool. As any hatted spider could shes got dresses and knave to her spinning feel. As wheel to wheel she's bodied without organ to her mate. A letter to epistemology and sensation as memory evoked the sigh, the skinny buttocked anorexic. You are the prophet I am the prophecy this is the schizonalytic territory and deterritory not the policed family of like like like. End like . Simile. AS image to invent font of....