fer's walk

ease walk there if los angels is your saunter of body carriage love your tongue hanging in hanging out hanging breath by water as the abc of friendship is love's romance

to see that as Was ten past he saw its seeing was you in seeing that abcdaire....... dare deredevil. dare the devil monsieur lefaclcon blake.

I am walking there I am walking to there I am walking there I am walking there
to the volero to the trump to the walking there I am walking there I am sauntering
there to bowl to the vol de bol to its Jill hind legs as my machine spoke wheel.
AS Uncle to shine sun
of fictifications as they see personed as trope de rose is the heel of content the love of allegory white as sin as its delire proposes maximum de fleurs of that sweet power your lips

I am walking
I am walking
I am walking
I am sauntering
I am sauntering over there


and to my mama duffy


mister andmrschizoanalysis

mister andmrschizoanalysis invite you to their wedding!

best bedding in cata_land when the clothing store clamber. the feet invent wave.
rinse hair to balding pine. mountains of air, and weather. their slalom feast.

Schiz saw on the floor. Mrs paw at his congenitals.


the paranoias of silence

the paranoias of silence

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Indeed such sarcasm and paranoia befits the nano second of its paranoiad twist. i can see them out there lurking in majordomo land of virginia the cia the calibrated internation poetic of dot com intelligence...

We we listening to the isps of paranoia the embarrassing moment of prizes the molar of the large and deathly institutiional... I rememmber some years back there was someone I drove to the edge! of paranoid selfeaccusations
it was the strange one of his dancing leaps
I said to him
you are in the CIA!!!

uprorars of laughter!
sarcasm of darts
o clerks o clarks! O clerk Kents!!

as for the wankers who say they get nothing from the List II say LIST LIST O ghosts of yer own boredom!
Say something make it happen

verb it baby
verb it between the ashes of yer tropes and bores!

and O lovers of

my friends and authors deleuze and guattari make it happen!



Imagine : a gilles deleuze chair. A chair chiaroscuro hand held place. For I. to work. Yes, high atop a mountain glad. not the poverty of non-declarative noun and adjective.

Forsee a chair. Embezzled by the beauty of the forsaken. No longer the doublet and need, hose and padre but the paternal sweep of its clay gown. Around your hips.


compose a whole

not only do they not compose a whole together, but they do not testify to a whole from which each part is torn, different from every other, in a
kind of dialogue between universes. But the force
with which the parts are projected into the world, violently stuck together despite their unmatching edges, causes them to be recognized as parts, though without composing a whole, even a hidden one, without
emanating from totalities, even lost ones . I talk a thoery of theory of desire. yer face half clined to resign its bliss to he.

his elf process to give its dictionaire des fauts. not spelled or griffed by he machine.