1730 Becoming -Intense, Becoming Animal .. Becoming imperceptible

the pack the gang the band... versus the state formation... the becoming imperceptible as Jill hung down the air to 'dry' as vivid a s a machine . So where did it come from emerged suddenly Sunday of nowhere out of ....

So where it find the resources to gather this mechanisms? orchid and wasp is a long way from governed and govener ... gubnatorial the State Face stood on the ridge gazed down stony face steel grey brows glared at its 'people' satan mist gathered in the sun ... immance of forces... cloud of reprise disperse repose... ' we are compelled to say that there has always been a state, quite perfect, quite complete.... and over there.. the Incomplete gentleman and her body without organs the full body of the deterritorialized earth as Shundy completeing his bourn to unknown territory as it seeked in the remission of 'sin's the signified SOn father Face to employ the other goddesses into its coerced employ not a shared labour of mist and rye.. but bastardly take over...the UrStaat... dates back to the remotest ages of humanity...a thunder god... we'' come back here Jill with our molecule heroines children of the stone 've thundered their clairty trumpet as the swollen ... ride of force and wind 've damped 'down'the tide of history... universal history is that of contingence unknown men and women the unseen the Unheimlich and the Untimely....

Mona of the fair ears silence to this hear hears

Mona mashed to the million speed boating past rivers and dens her golden god dildoe.. Her hand Horn announcing the revolt of the crop the unheeling of rain...


question of unity et fragment

yes Yes I know Guattari hes always hugging me. who had three marriages and three kids. eh!

OpPuS PoP Deleuze speaketh:

Not only do they not compose a whole together,

but they do not testify to a whole from which

each part is torn, different from every other, in a

kind of dialogue between universes. But the force

with which the parts are projected into the world, violently

stuck together despite their unmatching edges, causes

them to be recognized as parts, though without

composing a whole, even a hidden one, without

emanating from totalities, even lost ones

By settling fragments into fragments,___ finds

the means of making us contemplate them all, but with-

out reference to a unity from which they might derive,

or which would derive from them .......

By settling fragments into fragments, (Eliot) finds

the means of making us contemplate them all, but with-

out reference to a unity from which they might derive,

or which would derive from them ________________

KATHY ACKER: I don't talk through theory, I talk through fictional process. There's a different sort of language. I think any text works on a triangular relation between writer, reader and text. I simply think the triangular relationship in a bourgeois narrative is very different from the triangular relationship in a non-bourgeois narrative. In a bourgeois narrative the text is supposedly a mirror of that which is outside the text, so the reason that you identify with the character is that you believe the character goes in this mirror version of your life, and comes out with some bit of knowledge. This idea, which is basically impossible after Roland Barthes, is that you can know, that you can read a text, that you can learn something, that you can in a way possess knowledge: you are a centralized identity, and you as this centralized "I" are capable of knowing it. I mean it's based on Descartes. I don't live in that kind of world, so I would never go to a piece of art thinking that I can get a moral message from it, and that I'm in that much control. I think the real relations are very different.


those read

In these day Jill was reading Her plateau. Com e to hear Living in molecular but projecting on the molar

but switch-switch. So it went till she wend
weasel and nuts. hear d of had seen
Frantic Felix in his clinic other things.
So it was like that becomings shroud her clover cloud cover weed fadery.

the world of desire. Do
you believe your own theory? Not for a second replied Antioedipus Clifford
Duffy. With love and many conflections. O Philosophers!!!

ye t other assemblages

yet other assemblage was the mouth. she rose. troisiemme guerre mondial. Yes Mon dial and yers my hot love. of belly button bean. Come to the rose syndicate of disunctive syllogisms.! Her schizophrene was tender is the night. Her mouth drew ears.


jill laughing her guts out_too this tune and

JIll laughing her head off ....Jill clipping .....the little soul

...............sprout sprout. elongating ribbing the wind ....tadpole ....a honey-suckle vine Ear on her tummy you can hear the whirring

to this tune and other . a mark of her facial lost catatonic grief. Our fleb and blow. Not so the lie of her ruth hips.

she come to see the insanity of them who stay. Not nurtured by the loverlorn clasp.Leman thy next of kin is like this:love, and its four thousand vase.

IN each singluarity a river gathering its woman.
Narratedby the sing song of its touch-touch. Sit here, sit here. My dear. My very own future not the sleazy politic.

Gaunt as silver

Jill's a foot in a book taped her to her knee length of an elbow. Sheered by stand and willow, she's harbinger to the harbour. With an ou her bour is labour intensive weekend shop talk, Adam's apple in her throat a gender free progeniter . In dreadful beginning she's a start for every navel officer calling her name-sake. Sake to her saki she's wired to her content . Not a pixel out of place, she's wisdom's star its single repod, a reproducing machine of portraits for sale. Resale not counted her totalizing bend's ok. So it worked as wan like she wonderlust to the table of Seas and bees her honey floured glade. Not next to any near relative she's confined to water wheeling sport. By the governing of any adventure she's weaned past measure, perned by any keel she will her way to fore and doom foresight to her tomed waist her kidney and baby's nighttime scent. Nose haughty as the high plane of consistency . Its bent by into any shape, of crave and whistle. She's got a two finger salute for any man her lover. Clavichords are this who wishes any god blasting down her sheep along the pavement pent.

Excuse me please open the microphone to any proposed marriage. Aggravated lover standing by the louvered window shadow flickerd over the feet she shaded in the 'living-room' floor the something something she compose she compose she compose repose. Is this ubiquity or love has her name, her handheld gloves not identical to this cunning draft of philosophies and heath swerves her .

It can be no name to say her share. Taste this plump dish of an arse, or wooed by the melon workers of the moon's heaved along her thicked up tongue her face.


brief humour's hooked


Brief humour's hooked to her ever-glades pants on her elbow, twisting in the sitting position rotating in her chair.

She has claimed Leer in a fistful of cucumbers. Cinnamon and paste in the bread. Hold host is most the semblace of fish to eat. Its awkward Easter egg unheimlich to her . Compose its fellow narrative tricked on an ankle bent leg.

From the body of the roiled earth the full body the girth of it. Its here as Anexact as copied codex its kindling earth to gone.

So it to eat to bell its bell to her eat to lift and she was wet it was wet it was wet to her wet. Carrying this lave . Belong her name. Was to its seat. Special place. In her hand her heart her heart was to the carrying bell as she wend its cap Baleen to her calibrator cool


Stang her votive _____
She rose she rose she rose at the frot she was cut the scratch intaglio to name. Infinitive as a hurry .

Come to collect her collet amethyst in the bezelled set, bezelled's not embezzled
hearkened a voice to hearing

Did ya think it was a drop ring,

it was not it was not it was a drop earring clanked to her hearing aid.


So Jill with it harlequinade to her .


tHIS plateau's gotta be a dump g round to geology pallid pearl its gelid frosted cake of the hammer before god almighty company carrying on the thing.

her as its demonstrated walking at a pace the only one of breath take it .



Jill haunted by silences between. Her skirt and cape. lover. laughin in "head off' it is so O funny in the masquereadesque.

jill 's

Jill's always been Mona's monkish self .

Temperament of trade to seeing
its work to her hearing to work in then as she held to free it breath it,
or savoring it hour by seconded secondary as it upheld her breath
daring its forsaken yule. She hurry to print it, and she went it,
and token to its near-by.

She like to say used to like saying in its till.

Or say a clatter of train patter. Parlaying the hourglass feature of his fate.

Nota you come back here.
Madame Haptic.


Gaunt Jill_ gaunt Mona gauntlet Fanny

Gaunt Jill _ not Mona, the bedecked worker in the flavour of labour. Its river bed sweep over her arm. Of bracing hour necking. To tomb this, breath hear it hurt it .Spoke to my tune.Over its come all yer nomadic travellos . Something as this. working to hear. Pulse to skin. Over the watch. Her this then that, over then its accounting troubled by fair, troubled by giver not receiver. As he said cold in the heart jealousy as . What seek this rack ruin to the sentence, no not the s -- a sentence a sense midair. Torched by baloons gathered down by the seat of her pants. Crawling over his vase, punishing his crime, subsisting his punish. Insisting his punish rather to its verse, rapture to its care. Carefully swooned package. She's seen the commingling of his word, swerve to her bed-room as any southerin dust.

If she's jealous of his proposed lesbianism, sapphic to the trace in his head, how can she be?
this laden far fustian woo?

its garden lyric contraiety of levity. Some rectangle worked an urn spilling its hurt
deed to her glove, loves to her glove inside his only body and pen .


Who is fooling who, Jill? who's fooling who in the it of its coached arrival . At the destination of her doorstop. My mother the hour. Its forty-two multitudes've prayed. Opacity to its flair along the cummberbund jeans of her shadow .

Come there. Her inside there .


: re_covered _ Bliss

recovered cover


Jill' ll have ...

Jill' ll have seizures for this first love. Fisticuffs
to the sun. Variety store window of opportunity
love's fair weed, . What caliber, wonders the
phrase, what caliper? quelle ombre? the french word
sounding her brain. Cavern of dust white
mentioning the spot , the very spot where
she live. Carried repents weight, tight
as the barrel, wight bite to her freight-car.

A Jill-deleuzian body-without-organs
not quite, not quite identical to
the Artaudian corps-sans-organs.

Your friend's mathematical designs. Not lured
by the "paysage" it offers spell bound moments
of mild mannered page. Bending before a king,
lordling of language. Enemy of the mind,
hunting down his peace. She's like that,
the enemy her own enemy stalking down
her death. Squire to her bearer, a broken
pillar to phrase, her nave mirror ways,
her busted pill to intent. Not integrity's
last name, but a child an insect to
her pulchritude.

Share and share alike the die's borning cast
as any other horn casting ship riffling horns.
At least these release gap and hole.
Nogt a child staring her seed.
But the elephant's gold, tippytoe through
the jungle bell the forest deal,
It reel the forest in. Repetition as
a canoe would threading its way.


If Jill

If Jill slept on a hanger its cause she was predicative sentence repeat. A weird berry coloured to morning her trembled guts. Mounded by fins and revival her bellowed wreath worn care by peat. Not like any Irish, but a wandered spider arrived at her curtain call final totalized retotalized cash register fate. What? Fate? Not Destiny?? we'll se the next time she arrives,
and arrives.

If fiction[s] as clover gets you off the hook, then glamour power to you funalude. Not include the inludeed of roundabout.Close to the promise haird.


over there a

preludic liveS of Zidolis

a companion _ ecoutre a friend. over the Windsea of its verse.
shamble keep.

prelude to Inluding the dare_it song. throng of witch pattern,
patten of host guest to the blessed seed

was Jil's belong.

Jill say you am built

Jillam say you am built . Or boutitque boyant? is that how she spell the me of you-me? You me ''emmmsss. Some see as like it caper. Or could its weak. Reed. or Rank as when the lover rose in morning. She was pistilled pinioned its core open

there is no here there, just this. as cold to could its cabinet fever. or otheresque to sweet her
jaw over ruth bone canter feed. she hear the crib and over that geometric digress a creaking willing of the moon's ever behovely thing. Swinging back and forth Back and forth swing Hither it swing to forth its thither back its forth swing to hither back its thither as cox swain bear its gift to her healing phase

Dim as a light in reed gaz work over weeks of catologue keeping she's mate to

as it can be heretofore Jill's merry tent


Indeed we do Old battles and the scars we carry from them their days! and how they ached us then ruining our nights of sleep and rest making the moratorium our only space.

But we narrate our gutter better. Now she shirt her tie. On to cool her back word

Fair to language seen



Mona say I built...

Mona say I built tunnel and wheel. Found geogogagy and plain harelquinade to dance. To France! with a cocoon! what shamble chaperoned champagne glass is that? A stem tall flower? Is her body a maze, or amaze to its titled flower of beast? She is the if of what it’s heart romance simple as any beach. Jill was wrought with logic of sense. she was five. she built a fort to cannonade her elder. she was the elderbush. not a note in vain was the department des etudes . What! screeched the impuissant? Wrong flavour of verb. Come to the hither come hither merry its shock value esteem_ed. It might suggest Fanny is a bucanneer to her pirate tooth doom. Or that black-eyed johnnies wont make the port. With needle in the haystack what can you expect? Hydro Gas? a girl timbre! TimbRe yell the Orient forest tree.. Jill steers a bored wheel, a broad-planked floor patio in the back of the room. She is a house glade. Not fostered by children and teeth, she’s belly up in the dark,a tinkering slave, her delire finale a wayside effort to have wheelies comitt sense. O come off it! A creaking door wakes,. shes well-fed mama in blade. Ice to her cut scarf rate.

This her body a Similitude a smile across the yard. She's in the navy now of marine seadog sea what walrus can do be believe. Begreave begriff bereft. The word learned as child asunder fade to the not so poorest.

No One Know

No one can See howe Fanny look she stare into the double dare eye of her.

It so go how she go. Not spent by the spooling reel of her platonic stasis.
Her sweet caporal lip runged by the night and nigh go she say.

o come

Oh Come on say Mona she got a belt buckle ruled to her shape. Not a shifting pantyhose, but a waist line to kill. Hepped by the cat, she's god's ass the rifty goo taste of orgasm god come on her thigh. She wear him sin inside her coat, hid from her hub. Her cap, her bubby, her hubcap hubby. Mona has a few shoe. Manufactured by nutcases anonymous as any symptote was, she heckled "down" her barrier. Batteries removed, she got hacksaw notes for lesbian forty frosty-edge. "ever" thing thing Everything is not realism. fiction. where she lame the coming of bridling anD bridge s and busty open wind parting.

Excuse Moi? J'e is an author delire not a linguistic charter bus. Find yer fallow. Cook open the mirror, as any saint crook would. She Genet daughter Angela Davis Mama. Not black but lack of it.
She is welfare wrought by finalizing fright. She has pilfered i.d. from publisher's papers who cruise thefting for corporate spy.

Jill insist kiss my breast his teeth in her navel, a pierce nose to away her sound her logic of desenualization. Of this he sob on beach . at Dawn damp deadened dawn? Come you will see her.
Shes got her breath in Orpheus mouth__ ANtiOeDipuS.


In EacH HouSing

In each house arrested glory
napes of tongue whirl the vegetal heaven its
worth a slender rung worry
trained by horse and plain

a chalk holds up the rain
tonight in the train crepe de creep
sole of death on the spook note
whacking off on the city's
"tawdry" capital
(investment's by death's needle)
busted into
desire's dead duty

as weeks without end
their sharing at completion
hurries the swollen night
its victors not pears
but where are the peach
and mango you promised
in this body
of wheel

come to the distance
his knee's sore cracked
by the piddle puddle of rank gloom
war has its own pride


Compose that which harbingers
lane willow elm foxtail
over hirsute harem

When Mona come to rescue throw the "poem" the heavy weight of
it. Worried wearied by this idea of the verse. Contro_verse.
Hmmm sheeeeeeeeeeee's the shadow.
But Jill don't worry her bucktooth bucksome as the
any saw hilled warrior. Come to the native of jungle
She hath berries to grow you gorse it
giovanni govern you it's infant tatoo
taut neck its bridging sigh

Mona? Come Mona! speak to my relent!!!

Booby! Booby trap! not bobbies and bobby-yap!


in the[e] night

In the night you have made machineszzzzzzzz that fly in the face of lies
tumbling down the b and c the weir and yield of pistons and fright the voice carrying over the audible sound which fields thrust desire spinning its oratories and heaths, not the half-way measure of thread hanging from a dying south the rule of true pace and tryst a word hesitated by night by the faces of forlorn rules and their dumb bouncing broads, tantrum etymolgies of Satan and God, garnered by paradises of molecules. Cummberbund of singer over the cinema veiled eye of body and longing breath better at the capsule afore date and dawn. Dinner in the brook by the pediment of loss hunger its nymph body her only back my tongue raced over the spinal nodes. And Jill saw the field of corn husked in the wind sown field a burrow to runnel her pages over the body of an escaping lover and he loved women so he was sapphic in his heroic modes of aurality and voice, her voice a leaf coming to his mouth . There was a stranger her voice mellowed her to the touch of her awful breathing and dimes fingered by her pavement sparks. A journal to feed the plateau of her morning and to drape his throat negating the coffin of her verse, by the prose of her desk and the denial of split. Or something like that perished, is that it? parsnipped? Parsimonious by the loves she gathered in her matter of bearing and fair. So then it was the keeled over the, no the keeled over the bank, looped by the loud signals of desire its wished for. So Jill then while stating the instant snap rolling over the meadow of rye and barley opening the breach testing the sea rudder as it over the storm and we hurricaned through

Mona cried wept the only god of her alphabet reading her lover of "old and yon."

So her horse, neighed,stepped, holding over the knight of infinite faith,

cut his lip for the wanting to kiss her .


Later| jewels and books | or was that radio transmissions, to the Dieppe of their heart-wheel| clattering ruckus of a bardo, pleasured by the real flatter of their bodies and
love ___ laughter.