Jill tombe dans l' eau

Jill tombe dans l'eau, l'air a précédé son peur. La révolte des chose sembles un choix no semblable a l'ombre. Les choses ont met les cœurs en retard. La parapluie des évènements et le deviner de divine. Quoi donc? alors alors, oui oui comme ça le "franchement" et valide.

Ou Jill avait tombe dans l'eau des morts, des amants des amours, mort de son exteriour c'est la plupart des choses.

checque des doigts noir cœurs hor's d'œuvres ~

Jill le marie des ombres ~


little phone who made thee ~

Envelope mouth /aPe Lip of

Little poem who made thee, did he who make the world
deconstruct me, deterritorialize my fate then? was the
night my Iam Bic Cylinder, I am limp and shrimp on the highdays
of alonesome, guttered, filled with need, wanting, hungerin'
hand lip ass legs to caress in the cry of my body, cause
if I don't, I die, I do die, in the sight of their escape.
Pearl before swine in the sonnet, like socks without holes flood
the nape and neck of yer stiff-necked beckon. How shall we sing,
with our onions?

Were Franny and Mona, the true ones, blue and
tried like my ointment skin? O kith of kin, and in your santcum, shall we and Elizabeth rattle the melody. Are the days barren
nights only these loneliness, that I try on like strange grammars
Is that what you meant to say, Mister hypothesis? with your
transubstantiated consubstantiaed ends and means, your Kantian
quill and knock against the repeated stress. What is against?
What is it, that it so recurs repeatedly late and again against its tie of awareness and literature down the done and dome and
dime and ten cent stores?
Should we rattle and then move as her body does
who was the anorexic one eyes so intelligent, roving everywhere
like the haiku of your itr and intent as her soul must
I am every simple rhyme which pulls out and back
back to truth and beauty and beauty's storm its torment,
and the lost thought sings back, back the river before the angel who sits waylaying at the door when the father's pronounce,
and there is no sun like this gust that blows puffed and huffed
by near and night, beats it does, beat and beat the element air
clement as the night and her pardon hat which sits so


So and sew
sow thy mouth

parched of eat


passing the[e] pape

Was Mona merely becomings sentimental in the blubbery of 'greatness' and its hawked 'down' being? had she stumble bummed into the impassable passages of cloyed sentiment and the blood of a demi-god its awesome craters creators of lore and relic? was catholic not the becomings of nonbecoming total cash registers? stocks, bonds, the savings bank account, of the anticommunist. A cistern shell of the death watch?


Passsing the Pape

strangely enough as a stochastic dancer
of images
Mona was moved by the passing
of the Pope
the dada of the millions of molars
was some she shied from
but her heart was tinkered past
trying cynical
thus her red hat
and cardinal's robes a-flowing
she headed to Rome

for conclave
secret of the descending Spirit
the purged stairway
lead to grace after grace
the licking embers of the gone soul
the bardos of mention
and dimension
O Pape O father O dada of the molecule
that is not Father But Mother
I gathered you he said somewhere
like a hen that gathers her brood

it's what that Nazarene said
past the Damascus gate
after he'd entered Jerusalem


to some extent he'd been a working class clapping pope, even by accident, friend to Marx, the pilgrimage of desire's odd hat, the Paris hat, the doctors yacking hours into the night, high points, fine mettle of the quarrels, Marx knew the fact of labour, redemption was not its cost, but its price, its heighten'd price by capital's best catholic, . Some pudent impudent imp, of shape and clamour, clangoured the song, its outcome a paid rent on death.

Besides, who was the Nazarene but a drag on her Zarathustrian kilt her whacking good speak English before the purgatic fog, the tug boat chugged her harbour a barmaid to delicatessans so her eyes lifted, a wet lash to her lover's hug a mug lips to kiss me she wore her way weighted over my body a lover song to despatch the forlorn believers of death. And its body. Begining again she began her song .

___ as for good old Thomas, when
any man scrolled a song,
her welcome
was effusive
sweet melodic of

"Bring the tender tale true of the Pelican;
Bathe me, Jesu Lord, in what thy bosom ran
Blood that but one drop of has the worth to win
All the world forgiveness of its world of sin"

(Excerpt from Adoro Te Devote, St. Thomas Aquinas).

Adore te devote aredrome her Mona fancies were
Pulling him off the cross .

iam saint schizo

I am saint schizophrenia and here is the latest

be well I kss you in my imagine bed of our love

in bedding lovedove strata Jill's planted her fee


drafted first thought

Baffled the virtual & actual. Franny wore her sleeve upside down coming to him in nocturnal night. as she was one to his schizolanguelover ~ ..

"He read the words in the magic golden goldeon and was amazed at their perspicacity and the Irish girl saying, it's obvious , it's obvious to sing on your head, and read with yer toes. but to laminate the sticks Now that is another ting! Altogether!"

Nothing is easier than to familiarize oneself with the mammalian
brain. Get a sheep's head, a small saw, chisel, and forceps... and unravel the parts ... Guattari nodded asleep a drone on Deleuze's sleeve




Buffoonery? hmmmmmmmmm let us see the orient dew on his brow. Brown as elided strong cone.
Bumping along another plate she's yield to his heavy wait. Not gold but supper to make potatoes as wine to jewels and Nile to rent.

Meadown and Mediterranean. greek chorus to clap the hands of your resentment return ~..


This absolutely rewritten to be lute. as flute to her.


big bad deleuze to wicked guattari

Yea well the smoke filled auditorium the deterritorialization of relation the . night sawn night swamp. when he walked to a bridge. and the hair on the end. territory. bird woke. madrigal . over the apple tree. cornea of light.

passed the feet.
narrowing the gate. Her hearing was seldom cowed. She fared over a pier. Tolled by air at Dublin castle and the means of her harp? In Liffey wharves they hearken to gulls peeling back wings of sky. Ferment over cloud. Down below spume of back riding waves. over out dolphins riding. Trident of the galvanized hour. Amber bark gathering over her knee shanks. Not the hour of contempt and spent but the missive of plates.

You hear that Wicked Guattari? Not the men of ideas but the idea of men. Conscripted like a troupe players heeling on the castle wall.

Fiefdom of her hearing aid. She has adorned the aeredrom with hearing.

Big bad Deleuze to Wicked Guattari this and other songs ~ Rituals of the night, harbingers of the sky.

tell me about _One for one

Tell me all about Fanny _ yes she walked in my mouth. She was Franny to her Jill's Mona my three in one. We walked in the gated gabriel gates twogehter. many sexed t o one
not two /three textual. but to the 1000n power of sideway. her grab was into me inside outing the folding golding golden around the fold hedge.

them this and that. was willin to dodge a buller. fractured in the arena of sound. traitors like you are born everyday embryo!

I wonder where the yellow went ~ of course the night is a pair of _ thighs
longing down for the thighs of _ lip to south mouth to lip ~ .

tell me about

Tell me all about Fanny _ yes she walked in my mouth. She was Franny to her Jill's Mona my three in one. We walked in the gated gabriel gates twogehter. many sexed t o one
not two /three textual. but to the 1000n power of sideway. her grab was into me inside outing the folding golding golden around the fold hedge.



Singnature as wake to see . Jill pull pack. Not weird to air in wind around wood. Fluffed up with attached scent. Jill mingling her colour with his betweens. as it was mouth creating inside hidden.

Nightingale hanging ~ .

At lecture hall of melodic



Wolves have left wolverines provincal as wish to wash its erring say. not so the hovered night of her ass. as wish to crumble the linger threshold of . many wolverines not single. as it work the geological appearance has borned my lover


Speak of go

Speak of go _ she . She ghoul . Craw Crow. Welkin heart. Lamb to her. As was. to gin its hearty throart. Head. Along to nape. Careful not to sew. As when. the apo was bin to her accounting heart stole[n].

air to pause its rause around the crown hedge. Sheep to her bowl. round clear as noun along her tarried edges junct. Oh come my filly plunder at its kip. Rink yer anyone to marry at her feet. She sank a ship in bog and peat. Married to a sailor. Sang her Kerry fart. Mewling along. With her dagon she's fangled at her cart. Not so anyone whore to her legitimate tease. Asking, yes, Monsieur Yes, Monsieur, suck me to the now. Suck me to the . What? she exit blushin blouse her stage right gmail. Gasped to her lover's fall.

here you go

here you go
the idea
it thinking around rose , lilac, tender lion, cradle, author, maxim, zoot, corn,
born, thigh, roll , etcetera ,,,,,
loom with a true
not dimple cheeks and red southern belles or fauceted accent
made , no invented, say or some smooth sur_face. can it be shield? shy condoms to aiding her face safe. comed all over the floor. that time. yes its about bloody fuc)king time. yes man! we came between the book. she was my hespian. i was the thespian tongue to her suck c and tho we cesspool our censors we know the crisis of pelt.

say language is the peace no piece or phone is morphema as when an embryo transFORM not so when Morpheus ferry the baby to muma lap. of black there is no give when spending tedious hour awaiting? the waiting for both birth and zygote funeral. scooped his sperm right up into her cupping mouth south to her brimmed deeds. two double that afternoon of leisrue et 'crazy' rabbit ears. hanadryad sex with feespoon. spoonerism mister jooce. is yer fiction to pleat its many seconds?


meta Mona

Metamodelized Mona held her skimper. The day was dairy deluxe. Her mere down suit on steppe of the Sorbonne ~ . In Paris, she helded her own box of magic chocolater her translation selving a sled to liking beauty past its game.

In mud she drag her butt. was but to if its doubled board to rate its song daffodiled by pleasure's rated boat. She rubbed her womb in continuing pleasure strong sortie story strong. Her catechism's made of nescient love putty flower . If noun hammered on her name was dirndled galore her glancing legs were caves galore.


prime numbers

my prime fuck and honey this way the honey hath flowed

The adventure into which I plunge them does not astonish them, but they live it out through acts, through gestures, not through thinking about it. In that way I can escape the danger of putting together a realistic narrative according to the usual methods by which each character knows what he's expressing at the very moment he expresses it, and knows the overtones that his expression should have on his protagonist and us... Mister G

speaking ta Franny and the girl.



He read the words in the magic golden goldeon and was amazed at their perspicacity and the Irish girl saying, it's obvious , it's obvious to sing on your head, and read with yer toes. but to laminate the sticks Now that is another ting! Altogether!

Nothing is easier than to familiarize oneself with the mammalian
brain. Get a sheep's head, a small saw, chisel, and forceps... and unravel the parts ... Guattari nodded asleep a drone on Deleuze's sleeve


Once on a time, a schizo time it was a pUblicker offerEd a Booke to a poet, but when it came time to tit-a-tit the publiker got scaredypants and peed and ran when the contract was due its past date of immanence and imminent peril. what then , became of the poet poster?

he blogged his fortune past the dogs heading foR the hills of hide and plenty mocking and knocking at many doors,

nothing worse than a poet who does not keep her word, replaced displaceD or otherwise

and then Mona,like Orpheus besidebefore her Knew that all was Hell.

in this bad bad bad world .


one and many guattari _ 1990

Mona calls to recall reading this reading this this reading reading this to you who see otherwise especialy a certain Mister Zizek and his seperationfantasy called Bodieswithout Organs, the wrongest book
ever hardly ever wrote. Ever hardly ever writ.
Mona Jill Frany leap in places planes of consistencies furling
finding forged their leap hear to hear it.
Merci a Isabelle Stengers


troops of I

Jill was Troops of I. Troupe of me us. Troupe de trope around the rope of her dancing self. as wise to become as to sail, or steam across the briny blue deep, its six billion leagues a laggard ten to down.


in that ward

In that ward of the body without the full earth cried her content. Or to wield her mighty gold she's weighed babes on bay her way bill covering ruthless -- is that a space of yield to wonder at her name. A threshing girl was her pulling wheat and felt her path clandestine as a calling girl over her countered collect. She missed this well kept character in flood. Peeled her shoes off as water falling glandular flapping as the well fed star. Is that your country? if she had a hollow thigh it was for this she rang the bell.

Interregnum interruption's her anatural mode of producing product her button baby. Ever notice that radio live in past track sentmental ? she note in her platonic knee thigh her lake as wish to her love upside down her face to face kiss. the other betray her. lie use to steal. call to money. trick. her. now over. to sent . hell. no friendship come from that.

shes gone into her double bed mode doublebacked lover. shes free as the liberty bell kiss her hug into her heart's landscape of delivery. her she come with her double self other me woman I to I in her ear's range of howl.


immanence zzzzzz not gray eminence ~

Jill called Franny when it was time to fend her dissert desert. She had heap of ice-cream. and her parlour was velour very wet. Indeed she sham de lam tristram tram way her lover boy.

Mona didnt want to lash out on furniture so she lived on boxes. And sometime plates. She had a date with death and doctor deluxe delirious death ~ . she awayed her self to night's only immanence.

she sobbed her professor. pdf. to her blue velvet cape. not velveteen cheese. in her mirwackwhipping neighbore hood. Calm as the serene lake

« Nous deux » ou l'entre-deux


fandango tart

Mona knew a fandango was a tart, especially when Greek. Cheap as tawdy desktop dictionaries and phoney poetry, she cruised the altitudes looking for a shit to drop. She found them in the blogged out strata of resentiment and its coda

paper vanished

Franny paper vanished cache to its faded window passing


A 'light' body held. How held its lambent pass. Over a nave
calibrated by sun. Witching brooms held the gage. Engage (add accent reader) to ring its
beating quill by mastered sun and moon. Moon.

Yes, moon ,, Mona .

Bin of each so say

Of Bin, there's been many of multiple arm leg thighed cried name of mouth outward outwarding lover shouted her wish clouding the air of

so it went She Jona Jill garnered her heart piece a foot to rich laving floor board. Not a merry pavanne of lover. Their body spoke to me, as they were her to him in its fiction of four-backed breast.Hip to joined thigh lip to eye-balled . Come then our speak is rim rain and flooded by . Beach work to calm.

When the book was finished, completed as almost hook to her alm, she elmed her sheet to her whirring nave. Was this pace of blog to her brogue tankard of gratefuL?

Her cantakerous roof is blessing guise . Her waved off hat is kneecap to her covered overall, her body wanted cambered to its brilliant step.



Now thwart is the boss yield unending punch.

Ruse lift Mona Jill en Frenny off the emboss of their quibble.
Miss take the subjunctive flight .... Cracked the wishing rattle its cutty parking caught belled throat gandering its civil saws .

How wended S to its fare over tram car elbow. Not a lover faith yet hefting knight twanged her lute booted her guitar by nearby sullen moons. Adjective filed for syntactial returns audited her love bed grasping any nape. Not so cursed the callow cure her bimbam filly sporting any chair. Her dissertation plunged a million mile scope down to upward its black hole broke.


u wondre wan

heart yer lover body wedding bow blue ? coming to my heart sing

Je_i wonder how My High Lady of Courtesy ,

as I've waved rolled a flag
create one line for a name
let other speak between the button betwixt the ocean deep
as it worked Jill was shuck'd between corn hooved by hour framed by cully worried by carrot, cambered by turnips,

a Lover's nose sliced off

thinkin' of her in the thick of it, as his death rolled in


regarding garde garden ~

them their numbers is the mini--plates, or plateaus and (not the
aristotles which are the Ari-Stotle stratas). Now this is from a part of my
Dis sertation.

Regards, Mona. Clifford Duffy


Mona had

Mona had a shot, and no one knew the difference, no one knew any better ~ . She was better than that, and bette r than no one ~ .

Lady Frankenstein ( & frankincense) has always understood my shares ~ . Shares and stocks, bonds and socks? A polish squeezed her name this way. Dumb-dumb . Dappled ray and flay. Oh come off it, Mona, Jill yer janny to her anydots anyway . As any suching seeker does ~ .

yet that thing

Mona moona comandeered . Franny demanded, Jill remanded her tristy solemn ash. Pashion to her fashion underthing lacy.


poltrooned ~

Was that the offer of your grace _ my grace her stepping knee, pads against the shoulder a whishing bone to her care down graces, bounteous as the plenteous care her eyes ~ .


Prowling Mona

Prowling Mona disfellowshipped shipped she out to wandering wavering navigation sands.

She proweld and growled.

Entourage and Enter !~

Fiction – L’écriture est fiction. L’écriture est réalité. La distinction fiction/réalité n’a jamais eu de sens.
Faisons de cette réalité abjecte que l’on nous impose – et que nous nous imposons – ce qu’elle est :

une fiction. Et construisons la réalité : elle ne nous demande que cela. Une littérature mineure sur un globe mondialisé.

Ouiouauoiuoua yeayea true terren true treeclimbers


pardon ME? meet Franny! Fanny's fan!

how many cookies fit in yer cache? not so many as all that? really. yes. we have woos to coo and coo to boo. we have sham to go and fennel to bait. yes. domain cup. break ass. really? ! yes! an ass to go to tears for! to go to War for Victory! Victory ! Victory Vive La France ! Liberte! Liberte! Egalitie! Fraternitie! Pour touss les hommmeszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz et toussssssssssssssss les Femmmmmmmmmsszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

oui cest monsieur egalitie! et mme eglaitie et dans leur lits son très beau et laid!
comment laid et beau a le meme temps?

ok! Ok! enough of that! egalitie! enough egalitie for one night. we need some haïr yes some real haiting hair! ya hear! man!Lord we' ll have la vengence the vengeance for yA! , et vengeance! meurtre murder! massacre! knife stabbing in the back in the dark! terrible murthers! et crimes passionnelle based on jalousie et envie! les desperados! oui ! les monstres d'humantie!


call them Mona's secondary seconded secodnay cinema hip

ad hoc her hips her hips her flowering beflowering hipping


too many loams spoil the gaff?

that server is yer machinist'
s delight, fright on the liffey river

her quarter sheaker

end of th e world is coming end of the moon? quarter moon in the down in the dungeons? high dudgeon?

is that the thee of Jill, Jill's perambulator, her shaker, Mona?



deisms desire's skeleton key
yes its eplural as deisiree's possesive plurality its kick back name as a football player rummaging fumbling the ball neutralizes the quater-back....


Jill laughing her guts out

laughing her guts out on year 55 of the citizen subject annee of her revolt. as was to be shall twine its seriou self. Guttering the hand stands springing to her lilted plate _ tanged over the air, its scent a byway conduct to travellos on the cunning ford. she like the sip of its ease on her tip tip tip an her tap tap tap . Be off good peer. she's peering around your grace. Like a monkey . Like a monkey without her cheese.

Congratulations Mona.


mona having fun

Mona was having Fun with F. the fatty tissue of the Molar Re Visions
We did Not Invite you Into Our Studio and Never would…
Mona was having Fun with F. the fatty tissue of the Molar Re Visions
We did Not Invite you Into Our Studio and Never would…
no we didnt didnt didnt
Fun Frany versus the fatty tissue of the Molar

Once upon a time Mona met a paranoid loser/she called him Madame
Paranoia and her fat hat.

We have nothing to learn from you, because you are a pedantic in the
extreme dear Madame de -- and also you don't go to school with Jill
and Franny -- filled with bile, it comes out every time you get
critical.... That is the papaistic paranoia, your need to help is
hate..helpers in our Studio no sireee! .... Do you think this does
not show, it does become thee Madame Paranoia! That you don't have a
program (balance sheet programme for desire-machines) that I Mona
can and do laugh at myselves and yet be deadly serious about our
lines of work and flight work... Speaking of yer programme is not
the one we saw on the icebergs of France...

Mona was corresponding one day that was a year with a Bitter gal
known as the slow bone and here is what she wrote/ but what does her
correspondent know of life and love when he lives in the fat shell
of self-imposed poverty.

Mona says to Franny about the punk in the island:We knew they'd
react that way. We don't make mistakes, and are fat or spiteful like
yourselves who do not go to where the power is..... If you want to
fight us ... you will lose... we hope you realize that... we cannot
lose as we don't play yer game... we don't believe in fighting and
we don't go crashing into people's studios and then expecting them
to be grateful... fat man like you changing genders with yer loyal
lies of the instant are death…
We have nothing to learn from you, for one because you are a pedant -
- and also you didn't go to school with Jill and Franny --
filled with bile, it comes out every time you get critical. That is
yer papaistic paranoia, your need to help is hate....Do you
think this does not show? That you don't have a program and that we
do, and that I Mona can and do laugh at myselves and yet be deadly
serious about.. and yer denials… games with psychiatry…
our lines of work and flight work.

How vile you are in your carbunclely ways, with your
fluttery eyes, so grand faggy poohpah wasting yer life away ..
blathering on...chitchatlines… Yer a nasty little critty aren't
Flinky, is that the way you was taught Latin and Greek and to be a
nice man? O so then go and reread yer Father Deleuze and Mother
Guattari said Mona wondering at the whine of his tone..

Father Deleuze once had a boy like you write him a nasty letter
maybe you should read it... Yes old Gilles Deleuze himself had to
write a Letter to Michel Crepsole... I, Jill was there, I saw it,
leaning over is shoulder

That is the difference between the paranoid pole and the schizo and
that is why Artaud was different from Jacques Riviere, which is the
role you have invited on yourself.

what comes from almost being a convert to a religion of dismissing
those who you don't understand of keeping your commitments safe,
which is fine, but has nothing to do with us...

is that what justifies yer rage and violence and yer lost life?

yes yer a fambly Paranoiac man woman a fambly fumbly Ooman

And what is worse is you are a coward. but you are missing the cows
and their Moos and their Mooske and my Moose cause you're a Cariboo.
and not a Caboose.

You wouldn't talk that way "in person" never dare the love that
speaks not its name - never dare speak to me this way to us in
person/ she cut the edges of her sown sword Salieri to her Mozart of
Mona and her Finnegans Wake of Awake Mona and Jill and the gals
Cause you ain't got a person. Not a person But a dried up drink
what you are… as "We" destroy deterritorialize yer arguments so
fast... Franny moves Fast says Jill and can't notice her
enemies...while laughing in their faces laughs with one face weeps
with the other...
Gutless little man little arrogant American little coward who does
not face the real battles of writers and the shit we have to deal
with it...
you ... you you snorting little winkee poo, you cute little fart
face with nowhere to go but the taxman! O Poor laughed Mona

you with your greek and latin coming onto my friends...

Look finicky, its time for you to get on yer fatty little knees and
not us not us

We are a parrying prayer already reading the lines of flight down
the long to heaven and escape...

Speak to Me and Mona Me Jill Deleuze and Franny Guattari! of
sobriety I who live in the mountains of a Thousand Plateaus.

You know nothing about sobriety, you know about hiding behind your
unpaid bills, your backlog of taxes your evasions, your pretences to
be like others whom you are not like at all,
your envy

your pedantry which is fanatically and repulsive

You want to pick a fight with me, I Mona?

You, you little fat man in the back woods of pathetic Pickled Edward

Go read Deleuze and Guattari and Grow Up.

Then Mona laughed and knew Fatty was finicky and fudgesome in his
own Queeny way. It was ok fatty she knew, fatty would get over it
when Fatty realized his persona was a send up , a duck shoot, a bore.

That not being in the machine fatty could not be in it.

Then she suggested that Fatty wear a gown the next time he went out
as his ass would be covered. Hahahah, she laughed with her flesh and
undone and her body and undone and her very unhappiness a joy.

Mona might have been sad for a second but didn't believe in sadness
and besides that she didn't experience it... and rage was not
justified nor bullying blindly one's opponent the Orphic just
couldn't take that!
O no she swept away her gown and went for a promenade picking
asses as she swayed.




she twill the blankets of our bisexual bicameral lover

le jargon des pulcritudes

she twill the blankets of our bisexual bicameral lover



she twill the blankets of our bisexual bicameral lover bitter textual as any date. shes groggy with fogging down her mater. Paps to her bosom,s he's besoin des autres. Merdre a her, is what we-he says in the flue of its fume .



Jill's embubbled on the edge of the desire machine. Aloof by stars and night shes training her strain to self its weird hedge. Of defeat she knows no name excepting her double selfed mouth s on her. Sexed to her twinned engine. Shes harmony's lingered sister.

Mona's embubbled by Franny_ fanny's crack's the ass thru which the universe escapes. her godless guts are sweeping the plains of Abraham. Hooded and hoofed shes got grottoes on her camesl. Waited for her double mouthed lover. Repatriation and repeating lover galore shes poor as the tit mouse she's yearning a t.



this is your desire fire & rain hurling hurricanes at the speed ~ of light ~ knight kicks ashoe
back over the hill of wheat. wood god s hamadryad vanquished. Jill and Mona spoke in the high seas nothing. mouthed to mouth bodies of salt ~ .



Jill : a coffin-hoist to bury your myth.Os. shacked by th e ruin railroad , the gardenia of baloons, the swim of tucked, abstract as any dynamic seduction ducky. As it was shall become over arms bracleted by arms, tangled in the breath of .



as glean as gelatin as merry make the rounder sleigh to her woman smile. on the street ahead the reel.not the regrescent . the forward rudder

So Jill her making masks of geology semiotic fruit of the wheel. Not spun by the Packard wheel, but her bunting played to any sun's eyebrow. Like she went she went she sent she reposed posed and reclined.


pointed east and west

Pointed east and west her socks were bone ~ . all alone she was worn path grape. vine of cluster. hanging balcony a classical smile 'on her face'. alone is like a hangar it goes fine in any ace. Ace is not hole in the hand or spade , but check point charlie to your desire.

A king's made a contraction delighting her darlings.


Yer k(n)ight is a gracious urn!

felled timber, probed __ fell love.

so it went ~ , in that strata all was for naught ~ .

(Time you laughed as too much cry_ing. Was her name
your name their game.

add yer unlinked notes later afters

looking locking

Looking for the perfect template failed every time ~ tercet percentage ~~ speaking the same language is what counted ~ then one could be ~~ by being one could be becoming becoming becoming one one One One and two. Not a wound really but a flying beast.

blocs of becoming were not identical to blocks and road blocks but maps of metaphor cluttered to the make the spoon self stead.

radiant random filiations often worked best. that woman's swaying walk ahead after a quarrell ahead of her ahead of her . sweet sylped self. her ass was a million miles away. desire head, desire herd, not the pug puppy's way, but Love's glove way.

Way? WAy!!
what you yapping about?

love 's a glove. you need to pour. not pour . or screed yer dying days. middle aged boat carrier, flagger and togger.

on the Ottawa Queen's capital radio a rhizomed call in show. you've been awarded prime minister of the exterior.

love's little body was an escaped. sorry about that year in the sun, huh Mister Spy. You thought your espionage machine worked but they were trying to drive you crazy.

More later good book , and anon.


sorry was as sorry as Sorry could be.
what was Sorry?
Sorry ? Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

Sorry was a character. in the cutting down of woods &
woulds. Wld could have been wood as was. some silliness of that
sort . not speaking because speaking was sorry impious
impossible not likely out of the question, not able,
incapable, unable unlikely . As any table. One could not speak.

Sorry. Sorry and Sorry.

Sorry the story __ a liver long tale.
Broken frustration ~ .



the impossible line of flight . each moment's a radiant nail; so Fanny say. And Franny's butt is abroken blue. Screw the other one. Each cheek is a prescient nape. Tug t'other . As it creep .



She said she was young but I knew better knowing age was a piracy and pity a darning sock with wool over it and the balance was rent, a trip to ski, a wig, a tear in the hole of being; all of which was good because it led to becomings, and away from the old static quarries.

Mona said this

'no matter what you do. it does not work. they impoverish me. its not teacher taught for you this semester. dada dull bastards don encourage my machine.'

this can clock the wayward smile. up the plateau she climb, cling as S do to strata of heaven's ass. Starbuckle to her wounded knee. Embrace yer room, embrace your womb.



then it was Air ~ Jany wore worked knee pad ~

over flood of here


there when swollen days gazed back, not primus to the mailaise machine postal to her puddle not like any other one she knew. Her mother her brother, her walk about day time night time lover. She wore a brief for him in her long down dress, longed for his arrival whilst turning round and round the golden tub, the gages of horn, her astraled lair.


her said colla

as collage and montage are part of art
so they are element of poetry.
the art of juxtaposition is what
theorizes the deaf tones between things,

__ as intervals link the spaces between lover's pauses.

when rause was cause to open your tiller

you knew it was time
time to open your hips ~~~ ____
So Myrna swirled from crisp ears of a touch
a glance a day away __

Had Mona known this in her heyday she'd be a millionaire of monnaie.
as it stand, she is the whipporill of trite saving accounts sanctified
by Owl, Swans, Baking Soda, Red Tooth Paste. Theophanic
strutting , hammer beams and sexual construction.

Should her dominant buttock hang as this
each every night Lord knows what dominations
she'd tend. to her flake vermillion trender.
Not series-ed by the full dose of her pecking strength.

Mona stuck the back of wellfed to kern
its kite a long ways off from Bronze woman &
her gold.

Sacking the mediums
as a wished for thief and concertina player
hoved the four wind aside abiding her contracting
self abay.

our schizoanalytic prose makes merry.


immanence is a huddle

A huddle she beaching the port .. not creaked in the door of fetish. Not wished for long down. Harmony. But Saturned to her key pad, as any waked sailor does. Or simple tirade of before and blink not wizard de clain and les chose comme ca. A plausible bi-literacy in the works is what him said in that firstling of book bogs so then agowas there. If time was place to her napkin and working. She was slew and funky. Not hidden in the car. Of its chariot. Purposeful to the day when shock treatment undid her head. Not lefted yet, but wringing right wing to her salty doom forecast.

Churn as surf head her woebegot fog. her dog upturned to her yellowed sheave. As was necessity her gambit.

thir d bloc of becomings

third blog plateau of fictive biographies and voiceshriefk yer nomadic machinery...She imagines him iambic pentameter . Limbic love to loam|so then. here of. Pretend Ptolemy! O so la me!
error Vocal!
Ribbon vocative.

apres le negatif retreat. not fanlate. but gone write. as winch whence. sumper then. summper de-ex. librix.

of head there.

all you langour

O yes yes Jill said to me one day, Mona me dear we gotta have a organism. An orgasm? pardon ! what scandale of scabrous commission is this? yer fetish plate come back to haunt angst these harlot of the internet?
shimmy shimmy shake baby,

all yer immanence come back to haunt you. Got yer haunt bonk as Will to Flower is your heterotextual desire.

Langour management please.:

we're not certain yet, supreme simulacra if this movie is good if
it aint we gonna kick it off efter . eft e R aLL.


prentended (yes that what it say) pendule maketh the green conservative lie down. it maketh the cash stalk mow. it maketh the one granny cynic and the other agape with philos to her felahin. On St. Denis you were the train of tube. Not close or nearer to Mrs schizoanalysis you were nave to church, orgasm to babe.

SHiver shimmy shimmy shake.

can you

Can you dig it?

it is astonishing _ what is a child to do against so much bad faith.

"bad date bad faith bad day night day gone dear night'

Can you dig it?

it is astonishing _ what is a child to do against so much bad faith.

"bad date bad faith bad day night day gone dear night'


retourne de soi

retourne de soi tour de soi soi-meme o'er tour de france . AS oona shared her meal her spilit heart was cared for. As when she approached the tree. Or as it heard the knight. and her love was chained. She was chained to . Not held by it barrier. That practice perfect pitch re-stayed her hour of content heard its knell as the english language was down frayed.


mona said to Oona

MOna said this :

She said she was young but I knew better knowing age was a piracy and pity a darning sock with wool over it and the balance was rent, a trip to ski, a wig, a tear in the hole of being; all of which was good because it led to becomings, and away from the old static quarries.


slouch hat king~~ .

the sLouch hat king tres louche thoughting Oona barely able to serve hersel... a tea ... across the track time sparked its path.

as this and that done god done gone.



when the fitth plateaa had been achieved, attained they walked by to the solo
Mona girth fifth

Mona firth went harmonica mouthed sentry mia to her moana her moanna. her swept upcurl away selving.


chariot of the fomad ~

Mona & her family lived in this chariot of the Fomad.


mrs rhizome & mrschizoanlysis a quietly schizophrenic marraige


When did she first cover he was homotextual? after bridge of thought was clack to sick. Excuse you? Was word to blind its bearing ball round? can wait to fair a mask wreck gamble? or waited by drum call to perihelion the beauweevil? Shike! yer eye's grown wasted with the bear of i.t. Imagine they asked me to write expository discourse prose when you do this so bloody well its insignia is sign to post its beauty best weared hindquarters to her wearness. Adoring. Avoiding all glances in the avenue passing boulevardier. Mean he was tracked to her as she was masturbate to her ten tone heat.

Mrs rhizome

Mrs rhizome came home with her shoes on backwards. Married Mrs Deleuze her cunning drafting wakes did not good. Not a good to world was done with her pun and mun. What pardon pun was that, lexicaled by the strata of her state? her phoneme was the simple compound of luster and glitter. Glance alock the lane of tune-up willy and her softward software puddle.She was aloof to any desire..More after good blog


p'ur'e PeRsonifictation

p'ur'e PeRsonifictation

is what it it s. its what it's is. is. the. yes. we know. shall see to lift plateau off fleet.
to pleated gown her red socks. not Stockings. Nor stockade my golf .
rubs the word. which hails the thing. as were was his word
carries the fox to bed, and bed.

Jill says sally to her name.
Oona ferries embrace
Mona forswears the euphonious
Fanny wear Franny.


fo'urth line

they say its the 4th hook is the dangerest _ the hook in the ramble of the body caught in the eye. she wore welfare in her ribbon. not the slanted S of social aid but rested cure on mountain top. Ramble and sambo. for each bet Mona was maid Jill was dagger. Franny wa sinside her coup rattling the gene fool. As any hatted spider could shes got dresses and knave to her spinning feel. As wheel to wheel she's bodied without organ to her mate. A letter to epistemology and sensation as memory evoked the sigh, the skinny buttocked anorexic. You are the prophet I am the prophecy this is the schizonalytic territory and deterritory not the policed family of like like like. End like . Simile. AS image to invent font of....


fer's walk

ease walk there if los angels is your saunter of body carriage love your tongue hanging in hanging out hanging breath by water as the abc of friendship is love's romance

to see that as Was ten past he saw its seeing was you in seeing that abcdaire....... dare deredevil. dare the devil monsieur lefaclcon blake.

I am walking there I am walking to there I am walking there I am walking there
to the volero to the trump to the walking there I am walking there I am sauntering
there to bowl to the vol de bol to its Jill hind legs as my machine spoke wheel.
AS Uncle to shine sun
of fictifications as they see personed as trope de rose is the heel of content the love of allegory white as sin as its delire proposes maximum de fleurs of that sweet power your lips

I am walking
I am walking
I am walking
I am sauntering
I am sauntering over there


and to my mama duffy


mister andmrschizoanalysis

mister andmrschizoanalysis invite you to their wedding!

best bedding in cata_land when the clothing store clamber. the feet invent wave.
rinse hair to balding pine. mountains of air, and weather. their slalom feast.

Schiz saw on the floor. Mrs paw at his congenitals.


the paranoias of silence

the paranoias of silence

ableschizo "able country doctorofBWO" , "andyhandy man engineer" , "bach andhermother daughterofgender" , "bitterbuttershrive usedtobesinbut sometimedesirewalker" , "bracha eurydice ettinger" , "calmer thanyouandher kidschiz" , "clear still parniture" , "deleuze fran moona" , "fictionsof cd" , "freddy printerpoet" , "grass of china" , "hereader diss hereaderssthere" , "hulsen beck fantasiticprayer" , "jill franny" , "laundry yers andmineshoes" , "lizzythegoodone goodfaith seenhisface"
, "major domo" , "mister plateau" , "mona`s home maiden made at" , "mysymphony nadadaorcanadada itsthefifthmovement" , "nietzsche the one" , "sinema goget waitinfermovies" , "sisterdeley frannny monasinventor" , "siter mariahunkers buttockstheos" , "sop oclees yerknees" , "usedtobe sortof influence" , "ver terr ittory" [input] [input] [input] [input]

Indeed such sarcasm and paranoia befits the nano second of its paranoiad twist. i can see them out there lurking in majordomo land of virginia the cia the calibrated internation poetic of dot com intelligence...

We we listening to the isps of paranoia the embarrassing moment of prizes the molar of the large and deathly institutiional... I rememmber some years back there was someone I drove to the edge! of paranoid selfeaccusations
it was the strange one of his dancing leaps
I said to him
you are in the CIA!!!

uprorars of laughter!
sarcasm of darts
o clerks o clarks! O clerk Kents!!

as for the wankers who say they get nothing from the List II say LIST LIST O ghosts of yer own boredom!
Say something make it happen

verb it baby
verb it between the ashes of yer tropes and bores!

and O lovers of

my friends and authors deleuze and guattari make it happen!



Imagine : a gilles deleuze chair. A chair chiaroscuro hand held place. For I. to work. Yes, high atop a mountain glad. not the poverty of non-declarative noun and adjective.

Forsee a chair. Embezzled by the beauty of the forsaken. No longer the doublet and need, hose and padre but the paternal sweep of its clay gown. Around your hips.


compose a whole

not only do they not compose a whole together, but they do not testify to a whole from which each part is torn, different from every other, in a
kind of dialogue between universes. But the force
with which the parts are projected into the world, violently stuck together despite their unmatching edges, causes them to be recognized as parts, though without composing a whole, even a hidden one, without
emanating from totalities, even lost ones . I talk a thoery of theory of desire. yer face half clined to resign its bliss to he.

his elf process to give its dictionaire des fauts. not spelled or griffed by he machine.


1730 Becoming -Intense, Becoming Animal .. Becoming imperceptible

the pack the gang the band... versus the state formation... the becoming imperceptible as Jill hung down the air to 'dry' as vivid a s a machine . So where did it come from emerged suddenly Sunday of nowhere out of ....

So where it find the resources to gather this mechanisms? orchid and wasp is a long way from governed and govener ... gubnatorial the State Face stood on the ridge gazed down stony face steel grey brows glared at its 'people' satan mist gathered in the sun ... immance of forces... cloud of reprise disperse repose... ' we are compelled to say that there has always been a state, quite perfect, quite complete.... and over there.. the Incomplete gentleman and her body without organs the full body of the deterritorialized earth as Shundy completeing his bourn to unknown territory as it seeked in the remission of 'sin's the signified SOn father Face to employ the other goddesses into its coerced employ not a shared labour of mist and rye.. but bastardly take over...the UrStaat... dates back to the remotest ages of humanity...a thunder god... we'' come back here Jill with our molecule heroines children of the stone 've thundered their clairty trumpet as the swollen ... ride of force and wind 've damped 'down'the tide of history... universal history is that of contingence unknown men and women the unseen the Unheimlich and the Untimely....

Mona of the fair ears silence to this hear hears

Mona mashed to the million speed boating past rivers and dens her golden god dildoe.. Her hand Horn announcing the revolt of the crop the unheeling of rain...


question of unity et fragment

yes Yes I know Guattari hes always hugging me. who had three marriages and three kids. eh!

OpPuS PoP Deleuze speaketh:

Not only do they not compose a whole together,

but they do not testify to a whole from which

each part is torn, different from every other, in a

kind of dialogue between universes. But the force

with which the parts are projected into the world, violently

stuck together despite their unmatching edges, causes

them to be recognized as parts, though without

composing a whole, even a hidden one, without

emanating from totalities, even lost ones

By settling fragments into fragments,___ finds

the means of making us contemplate them all, but with-

out reference to a unity from which they might derive,

or which would derive from them .......

By settling fragments into fragments, (Eliot) finds

the means of making us contemplate them all, but with-

out reference to a unity from which they might derive,

or which would derive from them ________________

KATHY ACKER: I don't talk through theory, I talk through fictional process. There's a different sort of language. I think any text works on a triangular relation between writer, reader and text. I simply think the triangular relationship in a bourgeois narrative is very different from the triangular relationship in a non-bourgeois narrative. In a bourgeois narrative the text is supposedly a mirror of that which is outside the text, so the reason that you identify with the character is that you believe the character goes in this mirror version of your life, and comes out with some bit of knowledge. This idea, which is basically impossible after Roland Barthes, is that you can know, that you can read a text, that you can learn something, that you can in a way possess knowledge: you are a centralized identity, and you as this centralized "I" are capable of knowing it. I mean it's based on Descartes. I don't live in that kind of world, so I would never go to a piece of art thinking that I can get a moral message from it, and that I'm in that much control. I think the real relations are very different.


those read

In these day Jill was reading Her plateau. Com e to hear Living in molecular but projecting on the molar

but switch-switch. So it went till she wend
weasel and nuts. hear d of had seen
Frantic Felix in his clinic other things.
So it was like that becomings shroud her clover cloud cover weed fadery.

the world of desire. Do
you believe your own theory? Not for a second replied Antioedipus Clifford
Duffy. With love and many conflections. O Philosophers!!!

ye t other assemblages

yet other assemblage was the mouth. she rose. troisiemme guerre mondial. Yes Mon dial and yers my hot love. of belly button bean. Come to the rose syndicate of disunctive syllogisms.! Her schizophrene was tender is the night. Her mouth drew ears.


jill laughing her guts out_too this tune and

JIll laughing her head off ....Jill clipping .....the little soul

...............sprout sprout. elongating ribbing the wind ....tadpole ....a honey-suckle vine Ear on her tummy you can hear the whirring

to this tune and other . a mark of her facial lost catatonic grief. Our fleb and blow. Not so the lie of her ruth hips.

she come to see the insanity of them who stay. Not nurtured by the loverlorn clasp.Leman thy next of kin is like this:love, and its four thousand vase.

IN each singluarity a river gathering its woman.
Narratedby the sing song of its touch-touch. Sit here, sit here. My dear. My very own future not the sleazy politic.

Gaunt as silver

Jill's a foot in a book taped her to her knee length of an elbow. Sheered by stand and willow, she's harbinger to the harbour. With an ou her bour is labour intensive weekend shop talk, Adam's apple in her throat a gender free progeniter . In dreadful beginning she's a start for every navel officer calling her name-sake. Sake to her saki she's wired to her content . Not a pixel out of place, she's wisdom's star its single repod, a reproducing machine of portraits for sale. Resale not counted her totalizing bend's ok. So it worked as wan like she wonderlust to the table of Seas and bees her honey floured glade. Not next to any near relative she's confined to water wheeling sport. By the governing of any adventure she's weaned past measure, perned by any keel she will her way to fore and doom foresight to her tomed waist her kidney and baby's nighttime scent. Nose haughty as the high plane of consistency . Its bent by into any shape, of crave and whistle. She's got a two finger salute for any man her lover. Clavichords are this who wishes any god blasting down her sheep along the pavement pent.

Excuse me please open the microphone to any proposed marriage. Aggravated lover standing by the louvered window shadow flickerd over the feet she shaded in the 'living-room' floor the something something she compose she compose she compose repose. Is this ubiquity or love has her name, her handheld gloves not identical to this cunning draft of philosophies and heath swerves her .

It can be no name to say her share. Taste this plump dish of an arse, or wooed by the melon workers of the moon's heaved along her thicked up tongue her face.


brief humour's hooked


Brief humour's hooked to her ever-glades pants on her elbow, twisting in the sitting position rotating in her chair.

She has claimed Leer in a fistful of cucumbers. Cinnamon and paste in the bread. Hold host is most the semblace of fish to eat. Its awkward Easter egg unheimlich to her . Compose its fellow narrative tricked on an ankle bent leg.

From the body of the roiled earth the full body the girth of it. Its here as Anexact as copied codex its kindling earth to gone.

So it to eat to bell its bell to her eat to lift and she was wet it was wet it was wet to her wet. Carrying this lave . Belong her name. Was to its seat. Special place. In her hand her heart her heart was to the carrying bell as she wend its cap Baleen to her calibrator cool


Stang her votive _____
She rose she rose she rose at the frot she was cut the scratch intaglio to name. Infinitive as a hurry .

Come to collect her collet amethyst in the bezelled set, bezelled's not embezzled
hearkened a voice to hearing

Did ya think it was a drop ring,

it was not it was not it was a drop earring clanked to her hearing aid.


So Jill with it harlequinade to her .


tHIS plateau's gotta be a dump g round to geology pallid pearl its gelid frosted cake of the hammer before god almighty company carrying on the thing.

her as its demonstrated walking at a pace the only one of breath take it .



Jill haunted by silences between. Her skirt and cape. lover. laughin in "head off' it is so O funny in the masquereadesque.

jill 's

Jill's always been Mona's monkish self .

Temperament of trade to seeing
its work to her hearing to work in then as she held to free it breath it,
or savoring it hour by seconded secondary as it upheld her breath
daring its forsaken yule. She hurry to print it, and she went it,
and token to its near-by.

She like to say used to like saying in its till.

Or say a clatter of train patter. Parlaying the hourglass feature of his fate.

Nota you come back here.
Madame Haptic.


Gaunt Jill_ gaunt Mona gauntlet Fanny

Gaunt Jill _ not Mona, the bedecked worker in the flavour of labour. Its river bed sweep over her arm. Of bracing hour necking. To tomb this, breath hear it hurt it .Spoke to my tune.Over its come all yer nomadic travellos . Something as this. working to hear. Pulse to skin. Over the watch. Her this then that, over then its accounting troubled by fair, troubled by giver not receiver. As he said cold in the heart jealousy as . What seek this rack ruin to the sentence, no not the s -- a sentence a sense midair. Torched by baloons gathered down by the seat of her pants. Crawling over his vase, punishing his crime, subsisting his punish. Insisting his punish rather to its verse, rapture to its care. Carefully swooned package. She's seen the commingling of his word, swerve to her bed-room as any southerin dust.

If she's jealous of his proposed lesbianism, sapphic to the trace in his head, how can she be?
this laden far fustian woo?

its garden lyric contraiety of levity. Some rectangle worked an urn spilling its hurt
deed to her glove, loves to her glove inside his only body and pen .


Who is fooling who, Jill? who's fooling who in the it of its coached arrival . At the destination of her doorstop. My mother the hour. Its forty-two multitudes've prayed. Opacity to its flair along the cummberbund jeans of her shadow .

Come there. Her inside there .


: re_covered _ Bliss

recovered cover


Jill' ll have ...

Jill' ll have seizures for this first love. Fisticuffs
to the sun. Variety store window of opportunity
love's fair weed, . What caliber, wonders the
phrase, what caliper? quelle ombre? the french word
sounding her brain. Cavern of dust white
mentioning the spot , the very spot where
she live. Carried repents weight, tight
as the barrel, wight bite to her freight-car.

A Jill-deleuzian body-without-organs
not quite, not quite identical to
the Artaudian corps-sans-organs.

Your friend's mathematical designs. Not lured
by the "paysage" it offers spell bound moments
of mild mannered page. Bending before a king,
lordling of language. Enemy of the mind,
hunting down his peace. She's like that,
the enemy her own enemy stalking down
her death. Squire to her bearer, a broken
pillar to phrase, her nave mirror ways,
her busted pill to intent. Not integrity's
last name, but a child an insect to
her pulchritude.

Share and share alike the die's borning cast
as any other horn casting ship riffling horns.
At least these release gap and hole.
Nogt a child staring her seed.
But the elephant's gold, tippytoe through
the jungle bell the forest deal,
It reel the forest in. Repetition as
a canoe would threading its way.


If Jill

If Jill slept on a hanger its cause she was predicative sentence repeat. A weird berry coloured to morning her trembled guts. Mounded by fins and revival her bellowed wreath worn care by peat. Not like any Irish, but a wandered spider arrived at her curtain call final totalized retotalized cash register fate. What? Fate? Not Destiny?? we'll se the next time she arrives,
and arrives.

If fiction[s] as clover gets you off the hook, then glamour power to you funalude. Not include the inludeed of roundabout.Close to the promise haird.


over there a

preludic liveS of Zidolis

a companion _ ecoutre a friend. over the Windsea of its verse.
shamble keep.

prelude to Inluding the dare_it song. throng of witch pattern,
patten of host guest to the blessed seed

was Jil's belong.

Jill say you am built

Jillam say you am built . Or boutitque boyant? is that how she spell the me of you-me? You me ''emmmsss. Some see as like it caper. Or could its weak. Reed. or Rank as when the lover rose in morning. She was pistilled pinioned its core open

there is no here there, just this. as cold to could its cabinet fever. or otheresque to sweet her
jaw over ruth bone canter feed. she hear the crib and over that geometric digress a creaking willing of the moon's ever behovely thing. Swinging back and forth Back and forth swing Hither it swing to forth its thither back its forth swing to hither back its thither as cox swain bear its gift to her healing phase

Dim as a light in reed gaz work over weeks of catologue keeping she's mate to

as it can be heretofore Jill's merry tent


Indeed we do Old battles and the scars we carry from them their days! and how they ached us then ruining our nights of sleep and rest making the moratorium our only space.

But we narrate our gutter better. Now she shirt her tie. On to cool her back word

Fair to language seen



Mona say I built...

Mona say I built tunnel and wheel. Found geogogagy and plain harelquinade to dance. To France! with a cocoon! what shamble chaperoned champagne glass is that? A stem tall flower? Is her body a maze, or amaze to its titled flower of beast? She is the if of what it’s heart romance simple as any beach. Jill was wrought with logic of sense. she was five. she built a fort to cannonade her elder. she was the elderbush. not a note in vain was the department des etudes . What! screeched the impuissant? Wrong flavour of verb. Come to the hither come hither merry its shock value esteem_ed. It might suggest Fanny is a bucanneer to her pirate tooth doom. Or that black-eyed johnnies wont make the port. With needle in the haystack what can you expect? Hydro Gas? a girl timbre! TimbRe yell the Orient forest tree.. Jill steers a bored wheel, a broad-planked floor patio in the back of the room. She is a house glade. Not fostered by children and teeth, she’s belly up in the dark,a tinkering slave, her delire finale a wayside effort to have wheelies comitt sense. O come off it! A creaking door wakes,. shes well-fed mama in blade. Ice to her cut scarf rate.

This her body a Similitude a smile across the yard. She's in the navy now of marine seadog sea what walrus can do be believe. Begreave begriff bereft. The word learned as child asunder fade to the not so poorest.

No One Know

No one can See howe Fanny look she stare into the double dare eye of her.

It so go how she go. Not spent by the spooling reel of her platonic stasis.
Her sweet caporal lip runged by the night and nigh go she say.

o come

Oh Come on say Mona she got a belt buckle ruled to her shape. Not a shifting pantyhose, but a waist line to kill. Hepped by the cat, she's god's ass the rifty goo taste of orgasm god come on her thigh. She wear him sin inside her coat, hid from her hub. Her cap, her bubby, her hubcap hubby. Mona has a few shoe. Manufactured by nutcases anonymous as any symptote was, she heckled "down" her barrier. Batteries removed, she got hacksaw notes for lesbian forty frosty-edge. "ever" thing thing Everything is not realism. fiction. where she lame the coming of bridling anD bridge s and busty open wind parting.

Excuse Moi? J'e is an author delire not a linguistic charter bus. Find yer fallow. Cook open the mirror, as any saint crook would. She Genet daughter Angela Davis Mama. Not black but lack of it.
She is welfare wrought by finalizing fright. She has pilfered i.d. from publisher's papers who cruise thefting for corporate spy.

Jill insist kiss my breast his teeth in her navel, a pierce nose to away her sound her logic of desenualization. Of this he sob on beach . at Dawn damp deadened dawn? Come you will see her.
Shes got her breath in Orpheus mouth__ ANtiOeDipuS.


In EacH HouSing

In each house arrested glory
napes of tongue whirl the vegetal heaven its
worth a slender rung worry
trained by horse and plain

a chalk holds up the rain
tonight in the train crepe de creep
sole of death on the spook note
whacking off on the city's
"tawdry" capital
(investment's by death's needle)
busted into
desire's dead duty

as weeks without end
their sharing at completion
hurries the swollen night
its victors not pears
but where are the peach
and mango you promised
in this body
of wheel

come to the distance
his knee's sore cracked
by the piddle puddle of rank gloom
war has its own pride


Compose that which harbingers
lane willow elm foxtail
over hirsute harem

When Mona come to rescue throw the "poem" the heavy weight of
it. Worried wearied by this idea of the verse. Contro_verse.
Hmmm sheeeeeeeeeeee's the shadow.
But Jill don't worry her bucktooth bucksome as the
any saw hilled warrior. Come to the native of jungle
She hath berries to grow you gorse it
giovanni govern you it's infant tatoo
taut neck its bridging sigh

Mona? Come Mona! speak to my relent!!!

Booby! Booby trap! not bobbies and bobby-yap!