Cabbaline as a sleuth. Along  aline of flight| you go up and down| ying an yang| yr getting old at this hand sondaughter|theE makings of desire | its flight fight machine
 as marrying bodies in the sun,

           and comforting zones of miraculating machines,
                       and mother lips,
                                     and other hopes and tears,
                                                e_machines of arrangements temporary gulfs of your body with Her  `

                 Mona!~ the maniac!

                         No racial delirium please!

   At times/ betimes
    it's merely the change of a vowel, makes worlds difference of birth to bodies born   ~


les oiseaux de mozart sont les plus spirtuel du monde


Jill has,

______________           ____________________

Jill Jill have (you no) no brains,  left,  lost  over the plane of immanence not an aeroplane too soon finding her chid ,  (her chid bid!)

                 the unbearable walk of being her child becomg the navarotrix of air,

                 plumbing the bottom 

                     the Gabyss!um tremendum of  Sam

bam's ass and the capitalist roar!

                      ___  Jill gotta come back with her body in store, marking time,
                                                                                                           making hay returning
fine time   ~
                               _____  the door  ~ 

                                                              a substantial loose thing on the peg of things,

                                      sunshine substance? a  matter of  expression,


Another Piece of the Poe novel whole part(szzz)

AnOther  Bright  bizzar?  Blog _______________________ fictive things __________



The fictions blog series has a ..

--never never be an author ----Blog ----


Some  characters from other fictions appear there but under different circumstances ,

  guises ,             tropes                     mecaphors! metaphor  .. schizoanalytical machine   ..


  Mona and Jill re-appear with out peer

with the Author Function?


the Fictions of Clifford Duffy



a poetic ... misnaming or mystery nove




It's defintely not a return to the author function' Gilles Deleuze.


And an accent


a body's a flow but what if there's no body? Jill posing . A somnambulist in the night.  would the care

of one make a difference to two? care of the two is one thing working forward to its prayer. but a

rhyme says more than a thought under these circumstances. a sat stances working the night whose

page's gone awry in the suit. the suit of one knight to another in the paralysed virtual which is immanent to the thought actual.

 come back to this return.
  a wayward castle in the    pawning.



 Mona feels the warn/ a wary eye to term that dont revent their date as follow to the unusual

One has to be careful caring full of  ,  not to,,   gget  caught with the fancy terms  ,,, and the capacity o th
         academic machine                                and the false prolifteration of terms

    Jill sat her down kicking out the differend end end end end end end end the fidelity difference

  one gets tired of the backward reusing   of the G. gyre terming One has to be two an inventor

not about but the things themselves as their very invention    _______in the mulislumming of creation boom

Not   againthat start of it working toward a thing    try it  __a t the very invention of the many

                                  fin/ fan/      cocatoo brilliant tanging


|| personifictation

____________Jill has the shillyshallys and's run and has run  is run, running, not a mouth a, a gerun?
dives where you spill the beans between thieves.

 personifictation my lover did you hear sea bump, grind , oomph against my his nonphonemactic unprounceable word that man with silver bowl absent to the teeth of F? O bess of my boom she saith rid me of this thingping   ~ her bubble bum doublejointed lover bongbongbong atrain ringing its southwest last 





Jill's h m b ugged head 's  no closer to detail th an the one before previo usly

'if not was there another spot for her to go bog? of this typewriter she's heard of
clinic and critical but her amaze was a gift of not paying attention the
inessential .'

now if no body has love that's it the pickin' g for nothing

What ass knew better this than the graciousest knight? spouted for prayin g & bayin '.



No one


No one's seeen these___ awkward pennies make dicks run ___ ruins Mona, as the alphabet sea of love. Knows and walking to the store shows your glance gallery a making up one two four and you're gone ~.

Alongthe heels of the pea
Mona heard the moon clothes line hung dry.
Like any weather son she's married to none.

  Open your sea! chest you ragged street walkers!

________________ Gone! Poof! poof! Jill cries the anymore   ~.


these those


 Does your transcendental ego dance the way your normal ego does? does it work that way phenomenologically? does a  bird stare at the air? do monkeys grab feet? what is eating ?

   how does a  church bless passersby?

    Questions Mona asked while reaching for the Sartrean paradox. No one has ever heard of this word.
Nor its dog night. heart felt

   And what of the others? If  god was the immanent beast of the  small s and the little s then lovers had made distance a way of life.

Mona grappled the paradox  suffering the anguish in her body hold.

A hold was  a place in a ship where the goods were kept. So it went with she and others.

But others were the other in the mirror of reality transcending its affixed name. 

___Jill backed down the boat looking for the calm water of still styles.

But the womb felt fatal and aching she was alone. As his alone.




_____                  _____________________

 Encamped across crisscross the plain: Eidolon___ and the dead woman . blank dead weight wooden stare.
a bulged bag of sac. is this obscure to her pretense the deathly conceit her cone shite, deathly on her arse.

Not so this Mona who's thus to her loving curtsy!

if jill has  a shire then it's a hit a hut a village for bodies to raise their  wings, weaving to the raining sun and the rising flare of its sun and shine before there holding its back bare branch forfent   ~.

id And libido escape this simple plum. but broken on the treble clef they're escape d the already shaped things that are said to be expression.
 Now jill cant creep her way through . this trew and thoroughfare.
  A shrill meaning to each priority as the band wordless to its daring. Molecules aship ahoy! The pan man and rain woman her feathers to keep daring summers of her winter cry.



Mona_____________ been ....


ill who's not been ....

 Fanny, don't bum my tits, you braggart! Infantile trains and derricks to ramshackle yer hoists, infernal conates sisphyean swish anatomical rapscallions. English is her e_name and love's biting ass her tame ruby-shipping rump. Hunkers to slaver over were the boys pantalons. Not mister nymph and her eleven by forted hexameters.

Could i t become odd thing to rest the twig of  a  tree?  as with  the tiked accent its bodied  imperative self/